Hidden Words (More Than You Know)

When we loose someone, it’s hard to leave the past. We miss Selena, and the years go by so fast. We loved her so much, and we loved her so dearly, and it’s hard to understand. We can’t see her clearly.

Then suddenly, Amanda Solis appears bringing back her music; bringing back the cheers. How Selena is with us is MORE THAN WORDS. Some people criticize because their ears have not heard. Those in harmony, they can only see. They show Amanda love while she is here to be. Do more for the living. Continue! We’ve got to love as we’re giving. We’ve all got to go one day. None of us are here to stay.

Through Amanda, I can feel hidden words Selena would say, “Don’t you worry about me. Everything’s gonna be okay.”

There is spirit and it is real. It always remains alive. Something no one can kill. Communication is somehow brought down from above. God will show you things and shower you with love. Thank God for music. Thank God for memories. Thank God for his love. Thank God for Amanda Solis. We’ll be together again. Life in God will never cease. I can hear the hidden words through Amanda as Selena rest in peace.

And here are the hidden words: I hear your heart when its’s beating. I hear your thoughts when you're thinking. You still have me more than you know.

Sometimes we can feel them say you haven’t lost me…