Selena Would Have Loved Amanda


Photo Credit: Amanda Solis

As much as Selena loved people, I believe she would have loved Amanda. According to a book that I read about Selena, she had felt lonely. Still, no matter how successful Selena was, it is said that she would still go to the mall. Her father warned her to be careful. Selena didn’t seem to have to worry about her fans doing her any harm being out in the public. It wasn’t a fan or a stranger that murdered her, but it was someone she worked with in the music business. It was her fan club manager. Selena did not mistreat her fans and think that she was above anyone else. Her success did not go to her head. It is said that Selena was a very kind and loving person. She was playful on stage and off. Selena was fun loving.

When I see Amanda Solis, I feel strongly that she would have been the type of person that Selena would have loved. It might would have made her feel good to know that she was impersonated and looked up to. If Selena would have seen Amanda doing what she does today, she might would have given her a chance to sing with her on stage or made her a backup singer. If Selena would have been alive today making movies or videos, she might would have used Amanda to play as her double. The way everyone talks about Selena, it sounds like she had a very good heart. I believe she would have recognized Amanda unlike a lot of stars and celebrities that we see. Selena was one of a kind, and I believe Amanda is that kind of person too. That is why I believe Selena would have loved Amanda.

Check out Selena Quintanilla’s impersonator Amanda Solis performance in the video below.