Book Review: A Midwinter’s Wedding by Melanie Cellier

Princess Cordelia believes that the position of second-to-youngest of seven is particularly unenviable. She’s far behind her exemplary older siblings, but not babied like the youngest. Cordelia is sure she would be able to stand out if she wasn’t being surrounded by her similar looking siblings. Luckily, she’s been given permission to travel to Northhelm for her older brother Rafe’s wedding.

Cordelia is excited to experience a new place and spend time with her favorite brother. If a bit of her excitement is about meeting a handsome prince that’s not a relative, no one else has to know. Unfortunately, Cordelia hasn’t even alighted from her carriage when she catches whiff of a plot targeting the attending royals.

With her brother occupied, and the handsome prince somewhat skeptical, Cordelia decides to rely on her keen senses and discerning observational skills to pursue her suspicions. When she realizes there’s a bit more to the plot than she might be able to handle alone, she enlists the help of the only person willing to listen to her, Ferdinand. Together, they’ll have to ensure the safety of all the royals at the midwinter wedding.


Cordelia feels that she’s too apt at fading into the background. Attending Rafe’s wedding is the first chance she’s truly had to assert her individuality. In Northhelm, her brother is as lovable as she remembered, and the crown prince is as handsome and gallant as she imagined. It’s just that she keeps overhearing the same two men having seemingly suspicious conversations.

Despite neither Rafe, nor William, believing there’s anything to worry about, Cordelia trusts her intuition that her sibling and new friends are in danger. She’s long honed her senses of hearing and observation. She’s sure that she didn’t mistake the men’s intentions. Due to her determination, she manages to become an amateur spy, ascertaining the identity of the voice owners and a good deal of their plot. Additionally, the investigation helps her get closer to Ferdy.

One of the lessons in this novel was judging people based on appearances or expectations. Cordelia maintains from the outset that Ferdy’s appearance prevents her from seeing him in a romantic light, while Ferdy obstinately believes that a beautiful princess belongs with a handsome prince. Of course, by the end, both of them realize how absurd it is to refuse to be with the person who makes you happiest based on appearances or titles.

5 stars! Recommended for anyone who believes a woman should always trust her intuition.

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Jamie Tukpah

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