A Hedgehogs Christmas

An illustration of six hedgehogs pulling a Christmas sleigh while taking two hedgehogs for a ride. Red ribbons are tied to trees. Red and yellow round lights strung on wooden fences. Birds flying in the horizon.
‘A Hedgehogs’ Christmas’ — Artwork: Erin Margaret / Instagram @art.by.erinmargaret

Every year leading up to Christmas it’s a tradition to see festive greeting cards illustrated with reindeers pulling a Christmas sleigh but I wanted to illustrate something different.

So my mother gave me the idea to draw hedgehogs even though there aren’t any hedgehogs residing in Australia. We have echnidas.

I designed a ‘Hedgehogs Christmas’ to include six hedgehogs pulling a Christmas sleigh…



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Erin Singh

Erin Singh

I‘ve a love for illustrating children’s character art and inject humour into some of the stories I write. Web: https://erinmargaret.co/