Amaxila — Coming Soon

The Idea

Today, here at Medium, I’m envisaging Amaxila, a subscription-based hosted online community software for brands, affinity groups and causes. I’ll wear all hats at it, from the humble beginning of the inception of this idea through its coming soon page to the private beta and then the official launch.

What is Amaxila?

Amaxila ia a SaaS app for making custom public and private communities focused on customer service, feedback and better collaboration for teams. The idea is thinned down to a custom communication and productivity tool for private groups and public ones for brands and affinity groups. Amaxila will be designed to meet any communication need.

Before This used to be a freelance web development business with only me there as now. But knowingly it didn’t prove to be successful. I got a couple of clients, one from Virginia as he stated and the one from Lahore, a city from my land, Pakistan. The one from Virginia had a CMS made with Laravel in which he wanted some features and customization including a polling system and a long list he had given. He was a nice guy as it seemed. I worked for him but he never payed for that. And for the other man, I couldn’t complete the job on time. This way, I realized that I can only work for myself, a work as a hobby I’ll enjoy doing.

Current Status

As I already owned, I cleared everything that was present before and designed a coming soon page with a launch email notification, contact and survey forms and social media links. You can subscribe for the launch email here. I used the logo and the favicons that I had already designed.

Amaxila Coming Soon Page

Development Road-map

At the time of this writing, I’ve not started coding. I’m sketching out the whole road-map of the lean development process.

Baby Steps

  • Buying domain
  • Designing the logo and favicons
  • Creating social media profiles
  • Creating the contact and survey forms
  • Designing the coming soon page


  • Designing the Laravel Sugared package. This package will be the starting point of the development process. It will just be a boilerplate plate template package with feature, themes, widgets, menus, application setting, extensions management system.
  • Building the core features for an MVP.


  • Releasing the private beta (100 users)
  • Fixing bugs and adding features weekly (recurring)
  • Launch with Early Bird Pricing
  • Official Launch

I will be posting frequent updates as the development road-map makes head-ways.