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Alice Bennett: What do you want, Neil?
Neil Bennett: Nothing.

Tim Roth alias Neil Bennett in Sundown

A family of two adults and two children is happy on holiday in an oasis where sounds and noises are able to make you feel good about yourself. But this idyll is suddenly upset by a phone call, which announces to Alice Bennett — the woman of the family — that her mother has passed away.




Since 2011, Amazing Cinema means Movies, TV Series, Television, Theater, Events & Festivals, Interviews, Music, and Contests of all kinds. Join us to discover a different way of understanding the vast galaxy of cinema.

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Daniele Buzzurro

Daniele Buzzurro

Founder @DreamyourMind in Rome, Vancouver & Dubai. PR & CrossMedia, International Mkt & Lobby. Professor & Movie Critic. WorldWide Awards Judge. Writer & Chef.

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