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The Batman

If you are justice, please do not lie / What is the price for your blind eye?

Robert Pattinson alias the Batman / Bruce Wayne — © courtesy of Warner Bros Pictures™ & © DCComics

Batman (Robert Pattinson) is tough, bitter, without feelings. He fights the crime of a Gotham City that becomes more and more violent with the passage of time, and although he has been committed for two long years now to eliminate the criminals who fear him, criminals terrified to see the lighthouse lit in the night that announces the start of his dirty work, crime




Since 2011, Amazing Cinema means Movies, TV Series, Television, Theater, Events & Festivals, Interviews, Music, and Contests of all kinds. Join us to discover a different way of understanding the vast galaxy of cinema.

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Daniele Buzzurro

Daniele Buzzurro

Founder @DreamyourMind in Rome, Vancouver & Dubai. PR & CrossMedia, International Mkt & Lobby. Professor & Movie Critic. WorldWide Awards Judge. Writer & Chef.

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