A guide to choosing mainstream flagship phones in 2020, is your phone on the list?

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 7 · 14 min read
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When choosing a mobile phone, everyone has different needs. Some need to take good photos, some need to charge fast, some need large power, and some need to run smoothly…

Of course, some friends will say, I want it all! In this case, the flagship machine is often the optimal solution.

The so-called flagship is the model with the strongest overall performance released by each brand through the integration of all its own high-quality resources. It is a way for the brand to send its best players out to show its strength.

In view of the different focuses of different brands, we will check the specific situation of each flagship model according to the brand. There are many models. Remember to purchase the ones that are suitable. Finally, it is convenient for comprehensive comparison.

This post is updated for a long time, please come back often to get the latest developments of various brands.

1. Apple

The iPhone 12 series has been delayed. At present, Apple’s flagship is still the 11 series. There are three models, 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max. All three models use the A13 processor, which is currently the strongest processor. , With the addition of iOS, it has good fluency. Look at the three models separately:

1. iPhone 11


  • Take pictures, the rear camera is 12 million ultra wide angle + 12 million wide angle, and the front camera is also 12 million. The hardware is ordinary, but fortunately it is equipped with an A13 processor. It also has good performance ability under the adjustment at any cost. The focus is fast and accurate. The shooting is completely satisfactory.
  • Battery life, 3110mAh, 18W PD fast charge, it is enough. When Android has soared the battery power to 4500+mAh and the charging power reaches 120W, the battery life of the iPhone seems too ordinary.
  • The screen, an ordinary LCD screen, has a low refresh rate and low resolution. Fortunately, Apple has a relatively powerful color calibration. The display effect of the 11 is still much better than that of ordinary mobile phones, but it is not up to the flagship level.
  • The operating system is simple, efficient, safe and beautiful. The iOS system has always been one of the important reasons for users to choose iPhone. A good message push mechanism can ensure that it runs smoothly and completes most daily tasks without consuming hardware resources, so it is titled “No Stuttering”. The disadvantage is that for a small number of users who like to toss, the customization is not strong, and the application market is not as comprehensive as Android.

iPhone 11 series

Comprehensive positioning: Thanks to the powerful A13 processor and excellent iOS system, iPhone 11 has a very good experience even without top hardware conditions. It is an Apple model with relatively high comprehensive cost performance.

Suitable for groups users who used Android before and want to try the experience of using iPhone; users who used iPhone in the early days, need to change their phone and want to try Face ID; there are not too many requirements for hardware, most of the phones are easy to use user.

2. iPhone 11 Pro


  • Taking pictures, three rear cameras, ultra-wide-angle + wide-angle + telephoto, are all 12 million pixels, which can meet most shooting scenes, and the front camera is also 12 million. The hardware is ordinary but comprehensive, with the addition of the A13 processor and Apple’s excellent imaging algorithm. The iPhone 11 Pro’s camera capabilities can rank first in the echelon.
  • Battery life, 3190mAh, 18W PD fast charge, similar to iPhone 11. Although it has better battery life than iPhone 11, it is still slightly ordinary.
  • The screen is made of OLED material with a resolution of 2436×1125. The parameters are ordinary, but there is still good color calibration, and the display effect can reach a very good level.
  • Operating system, iOS system, safe and efficient, simple and beautiful, is the first choice for quite a few users.

iPhone 11 Pro series

Comprehensive positioning: Compared with the basic model, the improvement of iPhone 11 Pro mainly lies in the screen and rear camera. The screen material and resolution have been improved. At the same time, there is an extra telephoto rear camera, which will be achieved in telephoto shooting scenes. Better results. As the flagship iPhone model, its price is surprisingly high, so the price/performance ratio is not very high.

Suitable for groups users who have high requirements for screen display effects, prefer a smaller size body, and have sufficient budget.

3. iPhone 11 Pro Max


  • Take pictures, the same as 11 Pro, four 12-megapixel lenses, three rear cameras + one front camera. Camera ability, the first echelon.
  • Battery life, 3969mAh, 18W PD fast charge, the iPhone with the strongest battery life has nearly 4000mAh, but the charging power is not high, and the battery life is moderately high.
  • The screen is a large-screen model made of OLED material, with a size of 6.5 inches, a resolution of 2688×1242, a normal refresh rate and sampling rate, great color calibration, and a very good display effect.
  • Operating system, iOS system, safe and beautiful, concise and efficient, eager to try before, and full of praise.

Comprehensive positioning 11 Pro Max is the current flagship version of Apple’s large screen. The large body means that it can hold a larger battery, and the hardware organization is more calm and reasonable, so it can be said that it is the current strongest iPhone, and the price is naturally the highest.

Suitable for groups like big screens, have a lot of demand for watching videos and games; often have travel needs and have high battery life requirements; geek groups who require top mobile phone performance.

2. Xiaomi

Xiaomi held a press conference to commemorate the tenth anniversary in August. By the way, it released its own flagship model Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition. The main promotional points are three 120, namely 120X ultra-telephoto zoom, 120W wired charging, 120Hz professional screen, excellent hardware, The price is fair, and Xiaomi’s strategy to enter the high-end market has been successful to a certain extent.

Let’s take a look at all aspects of performance:

  • Take pictures, the rear camera hardware parameters are very good, there are four lenses, 48 ​​million main camera with 1/1.32" large sensor; 48 million ultra-telephoto lens supports up to 120 times digital zoom, and has OIS optical image stabilization; 20 million wide-angle lens Supports 128° FOV; 12 million image lenses are also considered sincere; front camera 20 million pixels, supports EIS electronic anti-shake. And MIUI 12 imaging algorithm, excellent hardware + excellent software, DXOMARK camera score total score One.
  • Battery life, 4500mAh power, 120W wired charging, 50W wireless charging, and the overall battery life is extremely high.
  • The screen, 120Hz refresh rate AMOLED screen, supports 10bit billion color display, supports 240Hz touch sampling rate, is one of the top screens in 20 years.
  • Operating system, MIUI has a lofty status in the hearts of players who like to toss the system, and some players even praise MIUI as the number one Android. The ultra-high update frequency and so many functional details make MIUI a mature and powerful system, which is considered the best in the current market.

Mi 10 Extreme Commemorative Edition

Comprehensive positioning: a flagship model with extremely high cost performance and strong comprehensive capabilities. The color is available in ceramic black, bright silver version, and transparent version. They are all classic elements of Xiaomi in the past decade. The top screen + top camera capability + top endurance + not so high price makes this model a starting value very high.

Applicable people: players who like to toss about mobile phone systems; users who have other Mijia smart home devices; users who pursue cost-effectiveness and comprehensive functions; people who need strong travel life; outdoor enthusiasts who like to travel through mountains and rivers; have a better game and video High-demand players.

3. Huawei

Huawei released the P40 series of mobile phones online at the end of March. It uses a four-curved screen design. “Super-perceptual image” is its main promotional point. Compared with the P40 Pro, the main point of improvement is the rear camera and charging of the P40 Pro+. Both Pro and P40 Pro+ can be regarded as Huawei’s flagship models.

Take a look at the performance:

  • Taking pictures, the pinnacle of taking pictures with today’s flagship models, the P40 Pro+’s super-sensing Leica five-camera, the P40 Pro’s four-camera, and Huawei’s excellent imaging algorithms, these can perfectly cover the daily shooting scenes, so that every picture taken can be perfect Record Life. The comprehensive camera capability of the P40 Pro series is in the first echelon of flagship models, and is the strongest in certain scenarios.
  • Battery life, 4200mAh battery, 40W wired charging power, 40W wireless charging power P40 Pro+, 27W P40 Pro, P40 Pro series battery life ranking top middle.
  • The screen, 90Hz refresh rate is also considered as the flagship standard, but the P40 Pro’s hybrid screen solution is very controversial, and the overall screen performance can only be considered moderate.
  • Operating system, EMUI is characterized by good stability, but some functional details need to be improved.

Huawei P40 Pro+

Comprehensive positioning: first-class camera performance, other respectable models; the four-curved screen is very good-looking, and the system is also considered stable and smooth; but the capsule digging for the front dual-camera seems to be somewhat inadequate.

Applicable groups: users who can link with other Huawei devices; photography enthusiasts; Vlog shooting enthusiasts.

3. OPPO series

1. Find X2 Pro

OPPO released the Find X2 series in March, bringing all-round awakening to consumers pursuing high-quality in terms of screen, image and performance. The most famous one is the 120Hz refresh rate QHD+ display, and it is equipped with 65W. The charging power makes manufacturers place extremely high expectations on this phone.

OPPO Find X2 Pro

How about its performance in all aspects?

  • The screen, undoubtedly the top screen, 120Hz refresh rate, 2K+ resolution, are the most eye-catching parameters of current smart phones, watching videos and playing games is cool, and it is also comfortable to use in normal use.
  • Taking pictures is not eye-catching, but not bad. Although it is a rare three-camera in the flagship series, the quality of the three cameras is high, the photos taken are also good, and the overall camera capability is moderate.
  • Battery life, although it is equipped with a 65W charger, the power has soared to 4260mAh, which is not big or small, but its battery life burden is heavy enough, 120Hz screen, power consumption is bound to be extraordinary, not supporting wireless charging is also a small disadvantage. So on the whole, Find X2 Pro’s battery life is average.
  • Operating system, the progress of ColorOS is obvious to all. Starting from ColorOS 6, the charm…, no, OPPO’s operating system is brand new and impressive, which has attracted a large number of users who are very optimistic about the development of OPPO.

OPPO Find X2 Pro

Comprehensive positioning: top-of-the-line screen, good game play, clear video viewing, even typing and chatting on the Internet can sometimes give people a bright feeling, so the price can soar to the 6k gear, which can be regarded as accurate. However, the battery life problem caused by the high brush has not been completely solved. I can only say that it is fun to play in the place where there are sockets.

Suitable for groups the pursuit of the ultimate is to use the best screen to watch dramas and play games; do not travel much, and they usually work in places with sockets; stay at home and don’t like to go out. The biggest fun on the weekend is to stay Sofa family watching drama at home.

2. OnePlus 8 Pro

The OnePlus 8 series was released in China in April. OnePlus, which is known for its sufficient materials, is not soft at this time. The OnePlus 8 series has a 120Hz screen, four cameras, and wireless Recharge.

OnePlus 8 Pro

List its detailed parameters:

  • The screen, 120Hz refresh rate, 2k+ resolution, undoubtedly the top screen, and the color gamut has also been strictly calibrated, so the display effect is better than ordinary screens.
  • Taking pictures, four cameras, and using the same dual main camera strategy as Huawei and Apple, the mobile phone’s ultra-wide-angle performance is amazing, and its comprehensive camera capabilities are in the upper reaches of the flagship model.
  • Battery life, power 4510mAh, support 30W wired charging and 30W wireless charging, although the charging power is not top-level, but the battery power is large enough, so the comprehensive battery life of OnePlus 8 Pro is considered medium in the flagship model.
  • The operating system, HydrogenOS, is the system closest to native Android. It is stable and smooth, and is good for daily use. However, because it is too simple, it is not as efficient as other operating systems to handle many more complex tasks.

Comprehensive positioning: sufficient stacking materials, comprehensive configuration, simple and easy-to-use operating system, giving people a sense of down-to-earth practice hard work, such mobile phones are usually used for a long time.

OnePlus 8 Pro

Applicable groups: I don’t like tossing with mobile phones, and there are no special needs. I just want mobile phones to be able to complete the daily simple family steadily and smoothly; I think electronic products are purely a tool. Non-mobile phone dependents on mobile phones; game video enthusiasts, a category that seeks a better screen experience.

4. Vivo series

1. vivo X50 Pro+

Vivo’s flagship series came a little later. It didn’t release its own X50 series until June, and the X50 Pro+ mobile phone was released in July. There were twists and turns, but it finally had its own masterpiece.

vivo X50 Pro+

Let’s take a look at all aspects of performance:

  • Although the screen has a 120Hz refresh rate, the resolution is not high, and it can only be regarded as the first-class in the flagship model, not reaching the top level.
  • Taking pictures, four cameras are on, the camera is good, the overall configuration is relatively high, the camera effect is in the upper middle of the flagship model, but it is not very good.
  • Battery life, 4350mAh battery, 44W fast charge, does not support wireless charging, it is also very common, and considering the 120Hz screen refresh rate, this battery life can only be said to be average.
  • The operating system, Funtouch OS, is a relatively native Android system, with little optimization of functions, little interface improvements, little updates, and basically relatively stable.

Comprehensive positioning give people a feeling that they want to do everything well, but do not do the best in everything, 120Hz refresh rate is available, but not high resolution; four-shot photography is available, but I am proud of it The anti-shake of the micro-head is cut off; fast charging is available, but wireless charging is not. Fortunately, the price is not high, and it is not too much as a cost-effective model.

Suitable for groups: I don’t like tossing the operating system, but want a more stable experience; in pursuit of cost-effectiveness, I want to experience more technologies at a lower price.

2. iQOO 5 Pro

Vivo’s sub-brand, iQOO, released the iQOO 5 series of flagship new products on August 17. iQOO 5 Pro is a joint model launched in cooperation with BMW M Motorsport. The combination of e-sports + BMW + technology is the essence of this mobile phone.

Look at performance:

  • The screen, 120Hz refresh rate, 240Hz screen sampling rate, resolution is 2376×1080, the flagship models in the second half of the year are basically this configuration, although you don’t feel good after watching more, it is also a very good screen.
  • Take pictures, there are three rear cameras: 50 million ultra-sensitive outsole main camera + 13 million ultra wide-angle + 60 times 8 million periscope telephoto, support OIS + EIS anti-shake; front camera has 16 million pixels. The main camera is better, and the other lenses are more ordinary, which can take good-looking photos, but the performance is not top-notch.
  • Battery life, 4000mAh, 120W wired charging, battery power is not large, although the charging power is high, but only wired charging, the battery life is not flexible enough, the battery life is good, but not the best one.
  • Operating system, iQOO UI. The brand’s target users are digital geeks and super players, so the design style is harder than Funtouch OS, and it seems to have some freshness, but due to the overlap of the technical team, the interactive defects of iQOO UI are no different from Funtouch OS. , I just feel that putting together a lot of popular elements, it looks very cool, the substantial changes are limited, except for the main game function is better, the other is not very good.

iQOO 5 Pro

Comprehensive positioning: At the beginning of the establishment of the brand, the target users are super gamers and geeks who need mobile phone performance, so there are some cool elements. At the operating system level, the optimization of the gaming experience has a higher priority, so this model can be said to be a gaming model with BMW skin added.

Suitable for groups: super gamers; high-level sense of BMW elements; young people who like dazzling special effects.

Five. Meizu

The Meizu 17 series was released in May. The release of the new machine from a small factory in Zhuhai was really hard-won. After waiting for a long time, many of you kerosene are already in tears, and they are finally here.

Meizu 17 Pro

Let’s take a look at all aspects of performance:

  • The screen, AMOLED screen, 90Hz refresh rate, there are no bright spots, the color calibration is not good, and it is in the middle of the flagship model.
  • Although it is a four-shot camera, there is no OIS optical image stabilization. When shooting moving night scenes and shooting videos, it will be different from the level of models. It can be said that the camera capability of Meizu 17 Pro is in the back row of flagship models.
  • Battery life, 4500mAh power, 30W fast charge, 27W wireless charging, large power, not many power-consuming units, so the charging power is not that big, and it is equipped with wireless charging. This battery life is medium among the flagship models To the top.
  • Operating system, because of the previous accumulation, Flyme still has a good ranking in the current market, some intimate small functions, beautiful UI can still touch many users, operating system, Meizu 17 Pro can be ranked first echelon.

Meizu 17 Pro

Comprehensive positioning: I personally think it is the most design model in 2020. Persistent straight screen design; unique right-mounted digging hole, and creatively transforming the digging hole into a power ring, which is practical and beautiful; romantic color matching full of literary atmosphere; only four horizontal shots in this family, these All are the embodiment of Meizu’s taste. Today, when the homogeneity of mobile phones is serious, it is particularly valuable. However, hardware defects have also become a key point that restricts Zhuhai’s small factories from becoming bigger and stronger. For users with high demand for taking pictures, they may have to detour, but fortunately, the pricing of the Meizu 17 Pro series is also full of sincerity, so before detouring It is worth considering.

Applicable people First of all, you must be able to accept the premise that Meizu 17 Pro shoots moving scenes, shoots night scenes, and shoots videos with hardware defects. A group that loves literary design; a group that likes straight screen design; a group that likes maverick design; a group that likes the beautiful interface of the Flyme system.

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