AMD A9–9820 APU is quietly released, integrated into the motherboard, and its performance is close to the original Xbox One!

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 17, 2020 · 3 min read

Speaking of AMD’s A series APU, everyone should be familiar with it. As a product of the “bulldozer” era, its performance is often criticized, but its performance is not bad for daily office work, especially the A10 series of GPUs. The game can still be no problem.

However, with the release of the Ryzen series of processors, the APU of the bulldozer architecture has withdrawn from the stage of history. After all, the performance of the Ryzen series of CPUs with the Vega series of GPUs has improved a lot from the previous year. However, to Ling Yiyi’s surprise, an APU model A9–9820 suddenly appeared on the AliExpress website.

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As we all know, the highest-end model in the AMD bulldozer architecture APU that year was the A12–9800 processor, followed by the A10 series, and the A9 series had not been launched. If you have to say the A9 series, then there are only notebook series. So this is the first time I saw the exposed A9–9820 APU. Secondly, different from previous APUs, this A9–9820 adopts the BGA integrated packaging mode, that is, it is directly integrated into the motherboard. Such packaging forms are actually rare. Generally, this packaging form will only appear. Among AMD’s customized customer products, such as Microsoft’s XBOX.

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After talking about the packaging form, let’s take a look at the specifications of this processor. According to the introduction of AliExpress merchants, this processor uses an 8-core 8-thread design, which is better than the original 4-core 4-thread design of other A series The device has been upgraded a lot, but in terms of CPU frequency, the A9–9820 only has an acceleration frequency of 2.35GHz, which is much lower than the old bulldozer architecture of 4G. On the GPU side, the A9–9820 uses Radeon R7 350, not the Vega series. The GPU has 8 computing units, 512 stream processors, and a frequency of 985MHz.

As for performance, the seller claims that the CPU performance of the A9–9820 exceeds that of the Intel i5–7400, and the GPU performance is similar to that of the Nvidia GTX 950, so the overall performance of the chipset is similar to that of Microsoft’s original Xbox One. Other specifications of the motherboard include four DDR3 DIMM slots. Dual-channel memory is recommended for these slots. The CPU power supply adopts a 6-phase design, and provides power through a 4 Pin interface and a 24-pin ATX interface. There are four SATA III ports, a 2.5" SATA interface and a PCIe 3.0 x1 slot. The PCH and VRM are covered by a heat sink.

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The back I/O includes many ports, including a Gigabit Ethernet LAN port. 3 channel HD audio jack, HDMI, PS/2 and multiple USB 2.0/3.0 ports. The motherboard is priced at US$125, which is not expensive because users do not need to purchase additional CPUs and graphics cards. At the same time, other AliExpress merchants also gave the motherboard with the same configuration and customized it in the whole machine. The price of the whole system is between 185–200 US dollars. The seller said that the host can meet the needs of some e-sports games at 1080P.

Finally, what else do you want to say about motherboards equipped with AMD A9–9820 8-core APU and Radeon R7 350 iGPU

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