Drone technology and artificial intelligence

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 11 · 3 min read
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There is no doubt that drone applications are becoming an integral part of Industry 4.0. When drones and artificial intelligence are combined, whether on busy construction sites, over spectacular solar arrays, endless farms, and shark-infested beaches, the two continue to provide human managers with new vision.

This kind of vision allows us to see wider, clearer and deeper. When the images collected by drones are transformed into large data sets, combined with powerful analysis software, it provides us with unprecedented data collection and analysis. , Management, maintenance and forecasting capabilities.

With the continuous development and popularization of drone technology, the availability of high-resolution images for various tasks such as maintenance, surveying, mapping, and monitoring is increasing. As one of the most important application goals of artificial intelligence in the drone industry, the effective use of large data sets collected by drones means that the data sets can be processed in an automated manner.

At present, there are already many mature software companies on the market that provide users with artificial intelligence-based data analysis solutions to make unstructured drone data “operable” and obtain valuable analysis results without time-consuming manual operations. analysis.

Intelligent analysis in practice

From agriculture to construction, from energy to safety/security, the use of deep learning or machine learning algorithms has covered many vertical areas of drone applications.

Accelerated application of artificial intelligence

According to a survey of drone data analysis software developers, drones and related artificial intelligence analysis technologies have been used in energy, safety/security, construction, mining, oil and gas extraction, logistics, agriculture, insurance, real estate, transportation, etc. Many industries have been widely used.

According to survey data, most companies are committed to the development of UAV software for data analysis for the energy industry, which shows the broad prospects of UAV applications in this industry.

Many interviewees said that the use of data analysis software can not only realize the visualization of industrial assets, but also identify and manage maintenance problems or abnormal conditions.

The second largest application industry in which interviewed companies participate is the construction industry. Among them, most of the applications involve monitoring changes in construction sites or measuring inventory levels.

In the mining, quarrying and oil/gas extraction industries, drone software tools are mainly used to monitor the progress of the site, survey and map the data of the entire mining site, or calculate the extraction volume.

The survey also showed that 37% of respondents only use artificial intelligence algorithms, while 63% of respondents still trust traditional computer vision software that combines machine learning or deep learning methods. In addition, no drone data analysis service provider stated that it neither uses machine learning nor deep learning algorithms.

At present, although most drone data analysis companies are still using traditional methods to process data obtained from drones, the fact that all participants have responded positively to whether to deploy artificial intelligence tools once again shows that artificial intelligence has an impact on drones. The industry is becoming more and more important.

In addition, although more software developers are currently focusing on more mature industries such as energy, construction, mining and quarrying, in the future, industries such as insurance, agriculture, real estate, and logistics and transportation will increasingly seek The help of UAV related analysis software.

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