For only US$40, the entry-level 6DoF MR headset Zappar is available for crowdfunding on Kickstarter

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 13 · 2 min read
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In addition to developing immersive content for brands, the augmented reality studio Zappar also provides developers with the relevant AR creation tool suite ZapWorks. Not only that, but the cardboard AR device ZapBox launched by the company in 2016 as an entry-level solution to help developers build AR/VR content with six degrees of freedom. Today, ZapBox is returning in a brand new form, and has already started crowdfunding on Kickstarter.

Zapbox’s crowdfunding goal is 65,000 US dollars, the time is as of November 6. Although it still needs to be connected to a smart phone, unlike the 2016 version, this device does not choose a bulky cardboard shell. The design looks more like a pair of special glasses.

In Zappar’s press release, ZapBox provides “a virtually undisturbed view of the real world” while being able to “naturally integrate immersive content in 3D.” In addition, the device can achieve “completely opaque content and true black”, and the open glasses style allows you to use the peripheral field of view to maintain the connection to the real world.

In addition to the headset, the complete kit also includes a pair of six-degree-of-freedom controllers designed to provide interactive functions.

Developers can use the Unity plugin for native iOS/Android or ZapWorks Studio to create content, and then view the project instantly through the ZapBox application.

Zappar co-founder and chief R&D officer Simon Taylor pointed out in a statement: “We hope that developers do not have to worry about the high cost of dedicated hardware, and can freely explore the immersive six-degree-of-freedom MR and VR experience. Possibility. The new ZapBox provides a good balance between accessibility and functionality, and can help Unity and ZapWorks users create impactful experiences.”

For the crowdfunding option of Zapbox, subscribe for $40 to get a brand new Zapbox headset, controller, world anchor, and a camera adapter (delivery date is expected to be April 2021), and a one-time purchase of 10 units Only $299; in addition, you can subscribe for $60 to get the early bird development kit, and add the early access qualification of ZapBox SDK for Unity in beta to the $40 package

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