Intel’s tenth-generation i9 processor and AMD Zen3 processor

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 14 · 3 min read
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The Zen3 micro-architecture is “the largest reconstruction since the release of the Zen series.” The performance of Ryzen 5000 series processors will be greatly enhanced, especially the relatively weak single-core performance, which will be qualitatively improved, or will change the market structure of desktop processors.

At present, the word-of-mouth image created by Intel over the years still maintains a dominant position in the market. Even senior fans of AMD have to admit that most players will only consider AMD as an option when the budget is insufficient. If the budget is sufficient, they will not hesitate to invest in Intel’s arms.

The “Ryzen” series of processors is AMD’s turnaround work. It not only helps AMD to get back to the right track of development from the brink of bankruptcy, but also staged a Hollywood-style heroic skit of “small workshops counterattack large factories” with super high cost performance.

But for a long time, AMD was not the first choice for assembling computers. Despite the “AMD YES” on the screen in the evaluation video, the actual sales will not deceive people. There is even a saying “You buy I recommend, I buy Intel”.

Undoubtedly, AMD is a leader in multi-core performance, and the 64-core 128-thread thread tearer has beaten Intel’s “Core” series processors intangible.

But AMD also has natural flaws. First, the single-core performance is slightly worse than the same generation of Intel. Second, there are flaws in the design and the overall system latency is higher.

This leads to a very interesting phenomenon AMD and Intel both like to compare their own strengths with each other’s shortcomings at the press conference.

Now that the times have changed, the woman who affected thousands of young people’s minds smiled slightly, saying that AMD is going to be positive this year! At the press conference, AMD was talking about single-core performance almost throughout the entire process, and all the game frames were compared.

The Ryzen 5900X single-core performance directly ran out of 631 points, nearly 100 points higher than Intel’s tenth-generation i9 processor. The strong enhancement of single-core performance is also manifested in a variety of games, with increased frame rates and soaring performance.

Beat it in what Intel is good at, AMD is a shrimp but also a pig!.Multi-core performance is not to be compared, don’t ask, ask is rolling, Intel will not have a better life in the next six months.

Multi-core is invincible, and the short board of single-core performance is completely inadequate. AMD finally fought a beautiful turnaround, truly threatening the consumer market that Intel has monopolized for many years.

Confusingly, Intel does not seem to be in a hurry. According to the news, due to the hindrance of the new process development process, Intel next year’s eleventh-generation desktop processor may still choose the 14nm process.

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