iPhone 12 Pro disadvantages and shortcomings

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 29 · 5 min read

Compared with the previous generation iPhone 11 Pro, the thickness of the 12 Pro is thinner. 7.4mm vs 8.1mm. The grip feels better, and the screen doesn’t look like the bulge of the 11 Pro, and is flatter.

Under iOS 14, data can be transferred through two mobile phones close to each other, and the old and new data can be transferred. The data of about 160G took about 2 hours.

After that, it took the longest time, one is data migration, and the other is to reconnect other Bluetooth devices. iCloud for iOS can only remember Apple’s own Bluetooth pairing information. My stopwatch, Samsung headset, camera, car, and Apple Watch all need to be re-paired, which is a bit troublesome.

After using the new phone for a day, I listed the shortcomings and provided some reference materials for those users who are entangled in 12Pro or 12, or waiting to see Apple jokes.

Battery is too small

Judging from tests, the endurance of the 12 Pro is at the bottom. Someone broke the news the day before yesterday that the screen used by the 12 Pro actually supports 120Hz high brushing, and it can be opened by adjusting it in the code. However, judging from the performance of battery lock water and worse battery life, 5G+ high brush, 12 Pro is afraid that it is not another iPhone that redefines “wired phone”!

The same is true in actual use. Similarly, iOS 14.1 and 11 Pro can last longer than 12 Pro. My mobile phone is not considered high-frequency use, and the daily screen usage time is less than 3 hours. As a result, there is not much power at 8 o’clock in the evening, which obviously increases the anxiety of charging. If you have a meal on weekdays or in the evening, you must be prepared on the wireless charging stand during the day.

Stainless steel frame feels average

The aluminum alloy frame of 12 is more friendly to fingerprints. The stainless steel frame of the 12 Pro, it is difficult to say that it is not resistant to falling, a proper fingerprint collector, and it is easy to leave all kinds of impurities on the skin for you to see, creating a turbulent circle of unknown circles around the buttons .

The only advantage of the mirror stainless steel frame is that it has a higher friction.

Magsafe may be unfriendly to glass

The Magsafe magnetic charging that Apple used on the iPhone 12 this year is very creative, but it is also a technology that Apple Watch has played for many years.

Magnetic positioning to ensure maximum wireless transmission efficiency, but there will still be a small displacement during adsorption. Unlike the magnetic suction of Apple Watch, Magsafe is a disc with rubber + aluminum alloy frame, and the rubber bump in the middle is very thin. When it is attached to the iPhone 12 Pro, it is inevitable that the metal will rub against the back glass of the phone. Over time, will there be a sun pattern on the back of the machine? Think carefully.

It is recommended that users who bought the official Magsafe charger, DIY a cushion to wrap the metal frame.

Not cost-effective

The price is not high compared to iPhone 12. From the disassembly point of view, the biggest difference between iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 is the camera. The camera of the iPhone 12 Pro is an integral module with LiDAR added next to it.

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The position of the iPhone 12 in the LiDAR is just a piece of plastic.

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Of course, the chip corresponding to LiDAR is not available on the iPhone 12. Another secret that has not yet been revealed is, are the memory sizes of 12P and 12 the same? After all, 12P can record 60 frames of video, while 12 only 30 frames.

For most users, it is difficult for human eyes to exceed 30 frames when they concentrate and continue to watch a video, but it will exceed 30 frames in the blink of an eye. You can feel that 60 frames will be a bit smoother, if you keep blinking. . .

The appearance, size, and resolution are almost exactly the same as 12 and 12Pro. There is no doubt that 12 is more cost-effective. Starting with 12P this year, the lead is not obvious.

Too big

Put together 12P and 11P, they are obviously bigger.

I don’t like phones that are too big and can’t reach the upper part of the screen. I always feel unstable. This is one of the reasons why I can not use a mobile phone without a mobile phone.

There is no doubt that the screen is bigger and the viewing effect is better. But for me, it’s not very useful.

The above are the core shortcomings of the 12 Pro compared to the previous generation 11 Pro . The 12 Pro is sandwiched between 12 and 12 Pro Max, the situation is a bit awkward. 12 can meet 99% of the photography needs. The 12 Pro Max is better if you really pursue the hard indicators of the camera.

Assuming that the internal inch of the 12 Pro is indeed 2G larger than that of the 12, it has a slightly reliable reason. Otherwise, the meaning of premium is only to differentiate product lines and target the crowd.

Finally, I will report on the performance of the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro in the drop test to see the strength of the Ceramic substrate glass.

In the drop test of EverythingApplePro, the ceramic glass was finally broken until the height was raised to 3 meters, and the screen or the back of the machine was photographed flat on the ground.

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