Macos big sur new experience:more and more like iOS, 17 feature highlights are very practical

Sajjad Hussain
Sep 30 · 5 min read
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MacOS Big Sur has been updated to Beta8, and it is expected that the official version of macos big sur will soon meet everyone. When using macos big sur, what are the new changes in macOS Big Sur?

The icon has become more “iOS”

Unlike previous macOS updates that focused on functions, as Apple said, this time Big Sur has made a major change to the interface design, including menu bars, icons, pop-up windows, and buttons, which are similar to previous generations of macOS. The difference.

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First of all, Big Sur changed the top menu bar into a semi-transparent style. There is no longer an obvious dividing line. The tone of the menu bar and the color of small icons also change according to the depth of the desktop wallpaper.

Secondly, a large number of rounded corner interfaces have replaced the original right-angled design. For example, all kinds of small windows and the highlight effect after the selected function are all rounded corners.

The new design style of Finder is also very similar to iPadOS

The buttons in the application no longer retain the border lines, and only when you swipe the mouse will you see a circle of rounded shadows.

Most of the system’s built-in applications have also been redesigned, and the concept of “physical buttons” in the menu bar has been downplayed.

There is also the Dock bar, which is more similar to the iPadOS style.

The dividing line in the sidebar has also been removed, the original notification information and components are integrated into one place, and the mechanism of “grouping” and “stacking” is also introduced.

With stacking, you can stack a group of similar notifications in the place where a notification was originally placed, which is convenient for clearing at once.

Below the sidebar is a brand new “widget”, basically the same as the one on iOS 14, but with an extra clock widget that iOS does not have (it should be updated after iOS).

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In short, from the outside to the inside, you can see a large number of rounded elements.

Major interface changes

The desktop icons of a large number of system applications have become iOS-like rounded icons, and applications such as mail and address book no longer retain their previous pseudo-material design.

The control center of the new macOS also follows the design of iOS and is composed of different rounded small cards. It mainly integrates some common functions such as WiFi, Bluetooth, brightness and sound adjustment, etc., click to see more Optional.

After doing this, they no longer need to be repeatedly displayed on the menu bar, and the menu bar can also leave more space for other plug-in icons.

In the settings, you can choose whether to display function icons in the menu bar.

In fact, Bartender, a well-known Mac menu bar simplification tool before, is also doing similar things, and now it is equivalent to the official directly solving the bloated menu bar for us.

But if you still like the single icon before, you can also directly drag the function item to the menu bar and fix it in a certain place.

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The Safari browser should be the system-level application with the most changes in the new macOS system. It adds a new start page, can modify the wallpaper like Chrome, and allows users to customize the page features, add personal favorites, frequently visited websites, and reading lists.

The tab preview function is also here. When the mouse hovers over the tab of the non-current webpage, a preview of the corresponding website will pop up.

With small website icons, web pages of different sites are easier to distinguish, and users who are used to opening multiple tabs can find content more quickly.

The new Safari browser also has improved performance. According to Apple, the improved Safari loads frequently visited websites 50% faster than Chrome, and has lower power consumption, allowing your Mac to get an extra 1–3 hours of battery life.

Like iOS 14, the Safari browser on the Mac has added a new privacy report prompt, telling users which trackers are blocked, so that Internet advertisers can’t track users’ browsing habits.

The Safari extension now has a new section in the Mac App Store, and users can also decide which websites can use the extension.

The last item is the translation that comes with Safari, which can achieve the same web page translation function as Chrome, but I have not found this option in the beta version, and I should wait for subsequent updates.

As someone who needs to work with a web browser all day long, these changes in the new Safari are quite valuable. Users who don’t want to hear the Mac fan frenzied frequently, may wish to consider using Safari as the main browser.

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The Mac version of the Information App contains a lot of feature updates that are repeated with iOS 14, such as putting contacts on top, setting images for groups, group @人, sharing images, GIFs and videos, etc. I won’t repeat the introduction here. Mainly talk about a few more interesting functions.

One is the newly added “information effect”, literally, it is to add a variety of special effects to your text messages, such as love, balloons, and debris falling from the sky. The individual effects are quite magical.

The other is the support of mimicry. Now Apple Family Bucket users can also send various simulacrum emoticons on the Mac, and they can also customize their hairstyles and headwear, which is suitable for friends who love to pinch their faces.

In general, the first beta version of macOS Big Sur has been more mature in terms of new features. You can also see that after Apple proposed the Catalyst cross-platform project, many Mac apps have been functionally compatible with iOS/ iPadOS matches and maintains consistency in the way it operates.

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