The Apple WatchOS 8 Experience

Sajjad Hussain
Jun 10 · 3 min read
Photo by David Švihovec on Unsplash

Recently Apple released WatchOS 8 test version, if you love technology and especially Apple then you can’t cover its complete features in a single day, it is impossible that you will grasp all features as quickly as possible, in WatchOS 8 you will find the exciting physical health data recording, exercise status detection, and sleep tracking, let's explore all the newly added features.

During the current era, continues contact is become the center of all daily activities, the upgrade of watchOS 8 also revolves around the connection, and not only between you and your friends but also with your smart devices, your smart home, and other outside objects, watchOS 8 enable you to take selfies from iPhone and put on the watch face, the portrait will become the protagonist of the dial, you can set them as wallpapers and avatars in way of expressing your love.

Just likes iOS 15 connects with Apple Music and making your memories greater, the Photos app can link with your memories and will be synchronized to the Apple Watch and displayed with a new mosaic grid.

WatchOS 8 allows you to share your great memories with friends, the social activity, the videos you watch, or the incredible moments you discovered easily shared through emails and messaging.

In the previous versions you have to face the penalty of problem regarding the input of the text but after this upgrade, this problem no longer persists, prior to this upgrade to press the space bar or move the cursor is a difficult task but now you can turn the crown to move the cursor precisely where you need to enter text like messages and emails. iPhone also reminds you that you can write text for Apple Watch through your mobile phone.

Apple watchOS 8 also become your personal assistant, with this device you can control your smart home, when your doorbell ringing you can unlock the door with the help of this device, and also you can turn on/off the lights, furthermore, you can use access all off your cameras and adjust various aspect ratios and display them in full screen. With watchOS 8 you can access the home scene according to your usage habits and access all device status simultaneously at the top of the Home app.

In watchOS 8 the breathing function has been upgraded to the Mindfulness app, you can open the Mindfulness app and use the meditation according to your needs, think about your next crypto investment in your breath pause for a moment, and calm your thoughts. Apple introduced very attractive meditation animations which are very beautiful, after watching such visualizations you can easily focus more on your deep thoughts. The fitness app on iPhone has also added the “Mindfulness” column where your Apple watch breathing history available for you.

Apple watchOS 8 also added two new breathing exercises

  1. Tai Chi
  2. Pilates

You can work on these exercises on Apple Watch and save the data of your health information during the exercise such as heart rate and calories, in watchOS 7 you have the function of sleep detection but now in watchOS 8, you will get the respiratory rate after you fall in sleep the Apple Watch will save your breathing rate and this way you can make a better decision regarding your health. The data recorded on Apple watch easily synchronized with the Health app and Fitness app on iPhone.

Apple Watch allows you to detect the walking speed, asymmetry of step, climbing speed, and bipedal support time, all such features represented as the walking stability feature of watchOS 8, you can infer the comprehensive picture of the health stability. The biggest advantage is that you can share your data with anyone to whom you think that you receive valuable feedback against your health data.

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