This is why iOS app developers are not satisfied with Apple

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 1 · 2 min read
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This is why iOS app developers are dissatisfied with Apple. Although Apple iPhone users are excited about the iOS 14 update today, iOS developers are not; in fact, many people are angry about it. This is because at the “Time Flies” conference on Tuesday, Apple announced that it will release iOS 14 today, but before the release of the next-generation mobile operating system, Apple did not give developers enough time to test their applications program.

According to TechCrunch, all developers can do is send a tweet to remind users that the features they hope to launch when iOS 14 is released have not yet been implemented. A tweet published by the podcasting app Overcast (@OvercastFM) is an example of this method, which reads “Sorry, my iOS 14 features are not ready yet. Because before most of my customers use iOS 14 For a while, so I have been busy fixing bugs and home epidemics/school logistics all summer (we are fine, but very busy). Like you, this year I just do my best. More quickly. Because It’s still a while before most of my customers use iOS 14, so I’ve been busy fixing bugs and home epidemics/school logistics all summer (we’re good, just busy). Like you, this year I’m just Do my best. More soon.”

Nintendo pointed out that its “Animal Crossing Pocket Camp” game will not work after the iOS 14 update, so the company told gamers to wait until there is time to update the game before upgrading to iOS 14. How many iPhone users do you think will follow this advice?

Not all developers are able to create a widget for their iOS application In addition, due to the unexpected release of Apple’s iOS 14, many third-party applications do not yet have a widget. As you may know, Apple is adding android-style widgets in iOS 14. You can choose different sizes based on where you want the widget to fit and how much information you want it to contain. Over time, more developers will create widgets for their applications. You can touch the home screen until you see the “+” icon in a circle in the upper left corner of the screen to see which apps currently provide these functions. Tap it, tap a widget in the gallery, and choose the size you want.

Is iOS 14 installed on your iPhone? Go to Settings>General>Software Update, if you haven’t already done so.

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