Ungrounded PIXII photographer gives bad reviews

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 8 · 3 min read
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Leica, which has a history of 100 years, has its own set of philosophy for photography. For example, the camera does not have to be organically backed to the screen, allowing photographers to focus more on photography. PIXII from France also agrees with this concept and even believes that mobile phones should play a more important role.

PIXII announced the development of a revolutionary M-mount camera about two years ago. This camera, also called PIXII, is based on a simple design. The back of the camera is the same as the Leica M10-D without a back display, but PIXII is more fun. The best thing is that it does not have a memory card slot, all photos can be stored in the built-in memory, and through a dedicated application to browse and export photos on the phone.

The internal model of this PIXII is A1112. The body is made of aluminum. The net weight of the camera is 460g (with battery). In terms of core specifications, PIXEII uses APS-C format CMOS sensor, and there is no low-pass filter on the sensor. Design, but the effective pixels are relatively small. With its 4080 x 2732 photo resolution, the camera uses a 12-megapixel sensor.

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In terms of control, PIXII can be connected to the M-mount manual focus lens, and the shutter speed is controlled by the body. The top also provides a small OLED display to display the sensitivity, shutter speed, storage format, white balance, and battery remaining status . PIXII supports Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections, uses NP-FW50 lithium-ion rechargeable batteries, and supports USB charging.

The reaction to the PIXII photography enthusiasts was not as good as expected. The photographer Sam Hurd bought a trial, and found that the camera was quite disappointing, and even more unceremoniously criticized: “The worst camera I have ever used “.

As a senior user of Leica, the photographer thinks that the design and workmanship of PIXII are good, but it is still not the level of Leica. Although PIXII uses the newer Global Shutter, the CMOS sensor only provides 11.1 million pixels, and only has APS-C format, which obviously cannot meet the requirements of filming. Other shortcomings of the camera include: the lowest ISO 320 sensitivity, the buffer memory that can only temporarily store about 4 photos, the extremely small sound of the electronic shutter, which does not rule out the playback of sound files, and the PIXII does not have a mechanical shutter. People can’t be sure if there are photos taken.

For ordinary photography enthusiasts, PIXII does not have a LiveView, and excessive reliance on mobile phones is the biggest problem. Many netizens left a message and pointed out that they don’t understand what a camera can do, why do they have to disassemble the mobile phone to share it? The revolutionary concept of full control of your camera and smartphone advocated by PIXII seems to be unpleasant in actual use: people who use mobile phones to take pictures don’t want to use a fully manual camera at all, and people who use cameras to take pictures hate to bundle their phones! Whether it is hope to represent the future development trend of the camera, foresight or a sales gimmick, changing the user’s habits is often far more difficult than imagined.

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