What is the network speed of the server?

Sajjad Hussain
Oct 13 · 3 min read
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What is the network speed of the server?

Server network speed, in simple terms, is website speed! There are many factors that affect the speed of a website. This article mainly focuses on network communication, namely “bandwidth” and “latency”. “Network bandwidth” and “network delay” are sometimes used interchangeably, but they actually describe two separate concepts.So how to judge the speed of the server?

1. How does server bandwidth affect network speed?

Server bandwidth M/S, is the total amount of data that can be transmitted per unit time, some people say that this is the network speed of the server.

Bandwidth (bandwidth) does not refer to the upper limit of the flow of the host you purchased (from a few GB to a few hundred GB, even the so-called unlimited flow), but refers to the in and out bandwidth of the computer room where the server is located.

For example, I rented a server with a bandwidth of 30Mbps. Can our network speed reach 30M/S?.This is definitely impossible. 30M refers to the bandwidth capacity of the server, not the network speed.Many people think that speed and capacity are the same thing. In fact, network speed ≠ network capacity. Network speed is actually the result of bandwidth and delay. 30M bandwidth actually refers to the width of the data pipe, not the speed of data transmission.

Transmission rate is measured by latency. The wider the pipeline, the less latency encountered when loading web pages and transferring files.Bandwidth is measured in Mbps or megabits per second.When you open Thunder download, there are two bandwidth numbers: download speed and upload speed.In fact, it is the upstream bandwidth and downstream bandwidth, because download speed is the most important for most people.Unless you send files, the upload speed is slower.

2. Network delay to verify network speed

Network delay For example, when you play CF or LOL, when the network is not good, it often freezes, which means that the number of frames you see increases.It is the time required for the computer data request to arrive at the server (such as a website), and then the data is returned to you.

The delay is in milliseconds, abbreviated as “ms”, you can use the computer’s ping command to ping test ip103.88.35.8 to find the ping value!. When you run the ping command, a small piece of data (usually 32 bytes) is sent to another computer to measure the round-trip time in milliseconds.The ping command measures the time it takes for a packet to leave the source computer, travel to the target computer, and return to the source computer.

3. Reasons for high network speed delay

1. There are too many routing nodes between the machine and the server.

Because the transmission speed of optical/electricity is very fast, their propagation time in the physical medium is almost negligible, but the processing time of the router to forward data packets is not negligible.

When there are too many routing and forwarding processing in the link between the local machine and the server, the network delay will be obvious.

2. The network bandwidth is not enough.

When other factors are not affected, there is only one router connection between the client and the server, but the bandwidth is still less than 20Kbps, but there are multiple applications simultaneously transmitting a data volume of 200Kbps far exceeding the bandwidth. At this time, a large amount of data will be lost, which is expressed as Network speed response delay.

3. The server bandwidth is too small.

Excluding other factors, if the client and server are directly connected through a router and the bandwidth is sufficient, but the server’s processing capacity is insufficient, it will also cause response delays.

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