What A-List Australian Celebrities’ Homes Look Like

Ever wonder where A-list Australian celebrities go home to and what their personal space looks like? Walk with us and take a peek into the homes of these famous Aussie talents.

1. Hugh Jackman’s NYC Mansion

Hugh Jackman’s NYC mansion is as sleek and classy as he is. This triplex apartment in Manhattan is so massive at 11,000 square feet of space since it is a combination of 8th, 9thto 10thfloor and has a stunning view of the Hudson River. (Photo Source)

2. Mel Gibson’s Costa Rica Property

One of the many houses that Mel Gibson put up for selling, this 500-acre property located in Costa Rica is surrounded by a forest of trees giving it its indigenous feel. This home also comes with its own private beach which probably where the star probably frequented. (Photo Source)

3. Nicole Kidman’s Modern Beverly Hills Abode

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban chose this place because of its very spacious and contemporary design that is fit for their family of four. With the choice of architecture, it shows that Nicole wants everything simple and functional. (Photo Source)

5. Kylie Minogue’s Beachside Home in Sydney

While this one lot is not owned by Kylie Minogue, she leased this lovely beach-side residence in Sydney during her stay here as a coach in The Voice Australia. Located in Coogee Beach in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney, the view of the ocean and the lavishness of the house is a beautiful “welcome home” treat to this A-list celebrity. (Photo Source)

5. Russell Crowe’s Rose Bay Manor

Some call him a real estate mogul for owning quite a number of properties in New South Wales. And this particular mansion in Rose Bay, which is a 1909 house with 1927 architecture updates, captivated him and his then-wife Danielle Spencer to settle in with their two children. (Photo Source)

6. Hemsworth Brothers’ Beach House and Malibu Home

It seems that the Hemsworth brothers have a penchant for nature and the great outdoors. The relaxing ambience of their homes is the perfect atmosphere to unwind after their hectic filmings. (Photo Source 1, Photo Source 2)

7. Isla Fisher’s Villa in Hollywood Hills

Isla Fisher’s “Villa Margherita”, as it is known, is a refined 1940’s architecture with structures that reflect Tuscan, Italianate, and neoclassical style. She shares this lovely home with her husband, Sacha Baron Cohen. (Photo Source)

8. Cate Blanchett’s Private Space in Sydney

So quaint you wouldn’t think an A-list star live there. This charming riverside spot was built in 1975 and has since maintained its antique feel that adds to the tranquility of the place. Hidden in a bush of greens and accessible by boat, this Aussie star’s house is unpretentious yet has not lost its deluxe touch. (Photo Source)

9. Portia de Rossi’s Santa Monica Ranch Dwelling

Portia de Rossi’s love for horses may have influenced this choice of home. She shares the ranch with wife Ellen de Generes, who mainly did the styling and design of the place. (Photo Source)

10. Miranda Kerr’s Malibu Residence

Some say she chose this residence to move into with her son, Flynn, after her split with husband Orlando Bloom. Well, the revitalizing view and soothing atmosphere of this Malibu home seems to be the ideal place to settle down with her young boy. (Photo Source)

Originally published at homehello.com.au on March 10, 2015.

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