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Secret Sauce to get Approved as an ADPList Mentor

Have you heard of ADPList? If you are eager to learn more, chances are you have heard of this online platform that’s on a mission to democratize mentorships for all. ADPList currently offers mentorships primarily in design and product expertise with a future plan to expand into more disciplines.

But you already knew that. You are here for the secret sauce to increase your chance of being approved as a mentor.

Before I spill the tea, I would like to let you know that I am an ADPList Ambassador and all the information presented in this article has been verified.

Let us start with the basics, shall we?

What are the base minimum criteria you should meet?

You need to have:

  • Relevant experience in the industry (at least 3 years)
  • Past experience in a role involving mentoring/leading junior-mid levels
  • A passion for mentoring and sharing knowledge
  • A positive attitude towards ADPList’s diversity and inclusion practice

Once your application has been submitted, the review process takes approximately 3–4 weeks subject to the limited applications and surges the ADPList team can approve weekly. The applications are closely assessed by mentor advisors with an average approval rate of roughly 30%. The competition is high!

Feeling overwhelmed? Want some relief?

There is no follow-up interview. The assessment is 100% based on your application materials. So, you can give it all you’ve got to make your application top-notch!

We need to take a pit stop here. I forgot to tell you the most essential thing — How to apply to be a mentor 😊

How To Apply

  1. Visit and click to sign up. home page

2. Set your account credentials.

Enter your account credentials

3. Then select the “Be a mentor” option.

Select to be either a mentee or a mentor

4. From here on forth, you work on your mentor application — so the following steps are very key, especially the About Me section. This is the secret sauce you have been looking for. This section helps the ADPList mentor advisors to learn more about who you are, what skill set you bring to the table, and where your passion lies. Therefore, make sure to put your best foot forward. You can always browse the platform before taking inspiration from other mentor profiles.

adplist profile view

This is my current profile and although it’s not super fancy, I do write a good amount about myself and express my interests.

To provide a better resource. I will share with you the best mentor profiles I’ve come across.

  • Miguel MDirector of Product Design at NYC & Company
Miguel M profile example
  • Pedro Julien — Design Director at Descomplica, Work&Co, Google Brand Studio, DDB&Tribal
Pedro Julien profile example
Frankie Kastenbaum profile example

Do you get the idea? Now, go explore and reference other mentors’ intros to help you invent your own.

5. Once you have completed Step 1 and provided an amazing intro about yourself, in Step 2 — you need to provide a professional picture of yourself (a smiling headshot is highly recommended).

Add your profile photo

6. Step 3 is the place where you provide your professional information. You need to provide your employment information, your designation, your expertise, and your LinkedIn profile. Your LinkedIn profile is the second-most important piece of your application. The team uses your activity and your past work experiences to validate your information. So, make sure to keep it updated.

Provide your professional information

7. Now the final step of your mentor application. Select the areas of mentoring you wish to offer through ADPList. You also need to provide your Calendly link. If you are not familiar with Calendly, take some time to go through this brilliant tutorial to help you get set up. And once completed, you can go forth and submit your application!

Select key areas of mentorship and add your Calendly

And bon voyage — your application has made its way.

While your application is pending review, you can still use the platform and explore the community. This will be displayed on your profile for the time being.

And this brings us to the end of this exclusive, inside-scoop information to get you approved as a mentor on ADPList. If you end up getting approved after reading this, shoot me a message on LinkedIn. I’d love to converse with you.

Stay tuned for more about what comes next after being approved as an ADPList mentor!



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