How travelling changed my life completely

I am 30, and I can split my life in two phase, one is when I didn’t travel and another is when I travel. Today when I am travelling to different places, I have whole lot of experiences, and these experiences develop my personality and capabilities. Every time I come back home after visiting an offbeat destination, I am fully revitalized and charged up for any challenge. Hills & Valleys fills me with enthusiasm and it also reflects in my work, divine destinations allows me to get closer to culture and tradition. Below is the five ways traveling changed my life.

I have whole lot of connections

There was a time when I had few friends in school/university. I now have connections with so many different people. Friendship made during travel, is one of the strongest bond, because we shared the common situation and problems. It was only yesterday, when the group of 28 travelers from Russia, with whom I met in Himachal, called me up. They came to Delhi to board flight back to their home and they were having problems to deal in local language.

I experience the real sense of freedom

I want to relate one story here, few months back when we were going to Haridwar in India and we arrived at Delhi station to board the train, the train was late due to some fault. Another train was retiring in next platform, I asked the officials, where this train is going and he said “to Dehradun” and I boarded it. I don’t care where I am going as long as I am going to experience a new place and new culture.

I started living in the moment

No past, no future, just the present. The sky appears so beautiful, basking under the icy cold water of fountain is so refreshing, walking in a barren desert is testing my spirits. Well I now don’t care what the hell I did in past or what I am going to do in future. I am just concerned about, what I am doing now. If I am not doing something worthy, I just walk out and travel.

I have an advanced decision making capability now

Countless number of times I have taken decisions during travel, which hotel, which destination, take the risk or not, do this or not etc. Traveling is all about taking decisions. Give me a circumstance, place and situation and I can tackle it.

Traveling changed my perspective

Before I started travelling, I was a bit of introvert and felt uneasy while talking with strangers at unknown place. I was happy to settle down permanently in my city. I use to judge people and places by watching news. Today things have changed. I can comfortably share my thoughts with strangers. Today when I watch news that heavy rainfall in some area, or island flooded, my feet starts itching. The thought of being with handful of travelers excites me. I hate crowd and every new challenge is like new fun.

Travelling have altogether changed my life and personality. I breath fresh air each morning. I love what I am doing and I will continue doing it. Did travelling changed your life as well? If so, share your experience in comments.

by saurabh · Published December 6, 2016 · Updated December 6, 2016

Originally published at on December 6, 2016.