An unknown salary report analysis on AWS practitioners

Sajjad Hussain
May 8 · 6 min read
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Judging from the current development speed of cloud computing technology, it is difficult to predict what will happen in the AWS ecosystem. The advancement of technology has promoted more smarter products and more innovative functions, and at the same time, it will also generate more new positions and job opportunities, which in turn can bring a positive response to the development of the entire industry.

Whether you are an employer or an employee, keeping up with trends in the cloud space is critical to staying competitive, hiring the best talent, or maintaining a match between your skills and the needs of today’s businesses.

This is why Jefferson Frank does some in-depth research every year to help customers and professionals keep up with the changes in the AWS ecosystem. Recently, Jefferson Frank released the latest issue of the survey report on the salary of AWS practitioners. This report is based on extensive research on AWS for several months and the self-assessment of thousands of AWS professionals. Download this complete report).

The survey found a number of interesting results, the average wage AWS practitioners from different regions, AWS certified gold ranking in the eyes of employees, to everyone on his current salary levels of satisfaction, and now the hottest office employees working from home is Proportions, etc.

For example, 86,000 AWS-related industry practitioners participated in the survey, and 54% of them have at least one AWS certification, and another 26% are preparing to participate in the first AWS certification. In addition, the following is the most important AWS certification they think, 81% of them think that the most important certification is AWS Assistant Solution Architect .

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But this is not the focus of this article. In this article, we will make an in-depth analysis of the most important findings about salary and work in the report.

One, 83% of the employees of AWS partners believe that the workload will increase sharply next year.

By 2023, the value of the global public cloud industry is expected to reach 1.132 trillion US dollars, from 2017 to 2023, the compound growth rate of the market has reached 23%. As a global leader in this industry, there will be more and more workloads and businesses on the AWS cloud, and AWS-related businesses will inevitably grow rapidly.

There is no doubt that in the survey report, employees of AWS partners believe that the projects they have undertaken have experienced rapid growth in the past 12 months. They do not believe that this trend will slow down next year, of which 83% I think their workload will increase in the coming year.

Partners gave three main reasons behind the growth: 1) Obviously more and more companies choose to move their businesses to the cloud, or many companies start to try to adopt public clouds. 2) The trust of the public has kept AWS very competitive. 3) The ease of use and flexibility of the cloud also make it easy for enterprises of different sizes to use the cloud.

Secondly, the migration of customers to the cloud is often not accomplished overnight. Generally speaking, it is a step-by-step migration. Many customers migrate to the cloud in different stages, or move some uncritical business to the cloud first, and then slowly divide the other critical business to the cloud.

Finally, AWS products and services are constantly updated (1957 different services and features were released in 2018 alone), and the continuous efforts of partners have also helped customers to adopt the most advanced technology in the industry.

2. 47% of people received a salary increase after obtaining AWS certification

In the IT industry, certification is a relatively important thing. It can often prove that you have certain relevant technical skills, and in many cases it is also a very useful “knock brick”. As mentioned at the beginning, more than half of the respondents hold at least one official AWS certification, and another 26% are on the way to certification.

Almost half (47%) of people received a salary increase after obtaining certification, and the average salary increase range is around 28%.

With the continuous expansion of different technology gaps in the IT industry, the demand for candidates with specific qualifications and professional skills is also rising, because employers are difficult to find corresponding talents in the market, which also leads to a corresponding increase in salaries. The different roles covered in the survey (IT leadership, hiring managers, inexperienced AWS experts) all believe that certification will increase the market value of candidates.

Among them, the most competitive is the AWS expert-level solution architect certification, followed by the AWS certification expert-level DevOps engineer certification, and then the AWS certification assistant-level developer certification.

Three, 63% of people think that education is not a necessary condition for getting an AWS-related job

Although their certification can increase your salary to some extent, interviewees believe that certification is not the most important thing in order to obtain a valuable career in the AWS field.

When it comes to improving the income potential of AWS professionals, 54% of survey participants believe that certificates are more important than university degrees, and only 42% of respondents believe that degrees are an important factor in finding a lucrative cloud computing career.

Considering that 88% of the respondents have a college degree, it may be from other factors that affect the majority of them.

The survey found that the most positive impact on your market value period is your IT industry experience. 85% of respondents believe that this is the most important, followed by 84% that is used Experience with AWS expertise.

Although academic qualifications and certifications are the basic methods for verifying the skills and knowledge of candidates and their comprehensive capabilities, in an emerging industry such as cloud computing, nothing is more popular than their experience!

4. 54% of the candidates have only 1–2 years of experience in the current position

Among the AWS experts who participated in the survey, only just over half of them have worked for 12–24 months with their current employers. This relatively low average tenure reflects the high turnover rate of the current technology industry. According to a survey by Linkedin , The turnover rate of the technology industry is about 13%.

Only 46% of the respondents hope to stay in the current company in the next year. Reasons for leaving the job include no increase in salary (38%), unclear career prospects (37%), and hope to accept new challenges (32% ). This shows that for people engaged in cloud computing careers, the importance of professional development and personal growth is no less than satisfaction with salary.

Therefore, employers should also pay attention to that it is not possible to retain the best talents by spending money!

5. 74% of AWS experts work from home at least one day a week

Nearly three-quarters of respondents often work from home, 35% of whom work remotely at least one day a week, and 16% do not work in the office full-time.

With the development of China’s epidemic situation, remote office has become a hot topic of everyone’s attention. In the next 5–10 years, more and more jobs may be completed at home! The continuous development of this trend is also due to the strength of the current office / remote collaboration tools and changes in people’s attitudes towards work and life.

Taking a step-by-step approach to provide additional benefits, such as flexible working hours or working from home, can not only help companies increase employee satisfaction, but also allow them to lead in market competition in attracting new talent.

Voice-over: Interested students can take a look at the book “Rework”, introducing that if Signal37 recruits the top talents in the world, it creates a relatively large business when the staff is scattered, and many of them are long-term Working from home.

When the interviewee was asked which benefits would affect their acceptance of the job offer, the interviewee thought that working from home was the most convincing. Remote work is the first choice for male and female professionals in the AWS channel; interestingly, 40% of women believe that remote work is the best, while the proportion of men is 30%.

Especially for female experts, the attractiveness of flexible work may guide the company in developing a multicultural and inclusive direction.

As the gap in cloud skills continues to expand, employees have more choices, so employers can easily lose the talent they need. Therefore, they must adopt some effective measures to retain talents, and also make full use of and attract some new talents, such as training more relevant practitioners. Given that only 6% of this survey is female, it is likely that more female participants will be needed in this industry in the future.

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