Amberdata Achievements — September 7

How do you make a product that people want?
Good products do not happen on the first iteration

You can’t solve a problem for someone if you don’t know exactly what problem they are experiencing. I previously talked about this, however there is a second side needed to get good results.

The key is people. The recipe follows a similar model to dating —

Foster relationships with current or potential clients

  1. Grab coffee, keep it low key
  2. Ask questions that work toward a hypothesis
    - Hypothesis: Users want to create API Keys
    - Example Question: Would you like access to our data, to integrate into your product?
    Hypothesis: Users want to create their own dashboard
    - Example Question: Is the information in this dashboard helpful to you, or are there data points that would make it better?
  3. Keep track of the results, iterate with them on ideas & solutions
    I use the same google form that I send out, to keep track of results.

What gives me the most joy? Delighting people with an experience that is simple, solves a pain point & most importantly — reduces friction.

Takeaway: What product changes can you make to delight clients?

I can safely say, this week was launch week! Goals exceeded expectations, great work team!

We launched 5 huge things this week!

Goals Achieved this Week:

  1. Internationalization Launched — Now supporting French, Japanese, Chinese Simplified & Chinese Traditional
  2. Aion Mastery Launched — the new Aion testnet that supports bridge functionality
  3. Amberdata Forum Launched — ask questions, view tutorials & more!
  4. 21 Jira tickets Completed & Shipped

Team Slam Dunks:

  • Account balance fixed — Address pages now show accurate balances
  • Data api beta launched — More on this soon

The most updates in a week yet, go go go!

P.S. Things that blew me away this week:

  1. PDF Breakout — This is crazy cool, and also scary that PDF can support code like this!
  2. Stellarium — View stellar objects around you
  3. Webdesignmuseum — favorite thing that happened this week :P

As always, stay awesome!

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