Getting the most out of Amberdata’s API documentation

Amberdata’s documentation is powerful and feature filled. We want to make sure you are getting the most out them. Here’s a few things to help get you started!

Table of Contents

Skipping Ahead

If you’re anything like me sometimes I have the tendency to skip the boring parts of documentation and head straight for the “How do I get this thing to work” parts. However, there’s important information about authentication, and how the data is returned in the responses, so make sure you read through the Getting started portion before getting to the meat of the docs.

Try it!

Our docs come with a nifty feature. You can make the http request right from your browser!

As you can see each endpoint has a Try It button at the top right:

If you click it you’ll most likely get this:

Super simple. Just enter your Amberdata API Key and you’re golden.

If you don’t already have an api key, you can get one now!


Once you hit Try It you’ll see in that the example payload ↓

…gets replaced by live results! It will only show the top level fields of JSON so you’ll most likely need to expand to see further results:

the magical 🎩expanding payload


There’s two types of parameters: Query and Path

The * means required.

They auto populate in the code examples tab:

The query param appears once a value is given.

Code Samples

Not only do the code samples auto populate, they can also be copied!

And you can switch between different languages (doesn’t always have to be 😉)


That should be everything you need to effectively use our documentation. Good luck!