View Ethereum faster —

Let’s be honest, blockchain urls are looooonnnggg. Today, we’re launching a new service to make your life easier & faster! provides smart blockchain routing, allowing for shorter urls & easier link share

TLDR; is fast, friendly & easily shareable! 🎉

Why is awesome?! I’m glad you asked 😍

We’ve been going to a lot of conferences, speaking to developers, meeting with intelligent data scientists, even our relatives… Many times we found it was difficult to point someone directly to the right blockchain data.

Every Conversation around blockchain ended:

Let me send you an email or sms to your smart contract


Just go to amberdata and search for your address


I will find that address and link you to the page

This made us very sad. 😭

Today we’re solving the problem in a few ways:

  1. — Easy URL shortener
    This is the interface to see the link you want to use. It is helpful when you want to double check the name of a link if you don’t already know it. For example, if I want to link to, I might want to check that *ck* points to cryptokitties
  2. — automated smart redirects
    Send the quick link to friends, then will handle the rest! When someone clicks on, our server looks for matches on the blockchain for blocks, transactions, smart contracts, tokens, NFTs, and more. It can then redirect the user to the correct page by assessing the priority of the data found. The redirect is built to be fast, as soon as a match is found, the redirect fires to the next page!
  3. — Stickers!!
    We’ve made some fun stickers to help you market your blockchain data! Drop us an email: Say Hello & Get a Free Sticker

You can use a few ways:

    Smart contract symbol is supported, the shortest & easiest way to remember urls!
    Partial name/symbol is supported
    Contract “name” is supported
    Blocks are supported!
    Any ethereum address will work, its just less pretty ;)
    Any ethereum transaction hash will work

Awesome! Help us share this with friends, colleagues, coworkers! Your honest feedback and community help us grow! Cheers!

Stickers ;)