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June 14th 2020

was 2AM and I’m about to finish a keynote presentation. Still wide awake, couldn’t sleep even though the bed was beckoning. Suddenly, I felt this urge to curate a new Spotify playlist came rushing on me. For the past few days I’d been listening to indie-folk songs. A revelation came in a split second. I just realized that some of the most profound songs that resonate with me are, in fact, falling under these genre, which is indie-folk! There is also this pattern where I listen to them during road trips, rainy days, when I felt a bit adventurous, and also during those lonely flights. I figured,

“If your life was given a soundtrack, what song would be in it?”

So, I created this playlist entitled FOLKLOVE on my Spotify that night featuring the songs that pinpoint particular moments or “colors” in my life. Or to be more honest, this genre deeply describes moments I spent by myself or with specific people in my life.

FUN FACT : Few weeks after creating the playlist, Taylor Swift launched her latest album “folklore” — all small caps. Coincidence? ;)

As a “genre-fluid” person (like what Spotify told me LoL *wink-wink) there are loads and loads of good songs that I can just relate to. Don’t even get me started on “what’s your favorite song?” Please… you can’t pick out favorite child! That’s just rude. LOL. Joking aside, I REALLY do enjoy curating playlist based on particular moods, events, anything really. It’s not about the singers, not even about the melodies alone but the words and the story behind them. I know it sounds as cliché as it gets. I believe anyone can make any songs they want to make. You know where I’m goin with this right? I’m just so sad looking at the mainstream songs with no meaning whatsoever. Non-sensical, just catchy phrase repeated 1,000 times. (YES GUCCI GANG, I’m lookin’ at ya!) What happened to the real songwriting, folks? Okay, okay I’m not going to go down that road, but IMHO it just amazes me that there are small portion of us, folk-indie music devotee, who stay in our lane despite the mainstream songs out there. Good taste, guys. Good taste. 👌

Don’t get me wrong, I do listen to pop, rap, trap, anything we call “radio songs”. But when I take a good look at my life and have to imagine a playlist that truly describes what it means to having or not having a companion, it would most likely be these folk songs.

You can check out my playlists here :

Feel free to follow, and if you have any recommendations, PLEASE let me know! :)



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