Emergent rarity in FUs

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4 min readAug 10, 2021


Here’s why we don’t yet know which FUs are rare

Each FU consists of nine variable traits

Each FU is made up of 12 layers, nine of which are variable character or background traits. These are all on-chain ;)

FUs have more than 150 variations across these nine traits

Background color — 20 variations

Body color — 20 variations

Body pattern — 4 variations

Left Arm — 3 variations

Right Arm — 3 variations

Mouth — 60 variations

Eyes — 2 variations

Pupils — 19 variations

Eyelids — 28 variations


(Traits are shown at the bottom of this post)

This results in almost 1 billion possible combinations. Of those, 10,000 will be minted.

Traits are assigned by a generative algorithm, with some small influences exerted

We told the generative algorithm to grab one variation from each trait set. We weighted a few of them — for example, the “no pattern” variation is more likely to be chosen by the algorithm than each of the other patterns.

We’ve labeled the trait charts below where we’ve increased the likelihood that a variation will be chosen.

The rare FUs are …. ???

We like to think of this style of generation as having emergent rarity.

What is rare depends on what emerges from the algorithm.

Since all 10,000 FUCK YOUs haven’t been minted, we don’t know what all has emerged. So we don’t yet know which FUs traits are more rare than others.

We suspect that overall rarity will be driven less by individual traits and more by combinations. While a Kitty pattern for example isn’t really going to be rare, a Kitty pattern paired with Kitty Pupils and Kitty Mouth would be … if it comes into existence at all.

Example FUCK YOUs. We suspect that rarity will be driven less by individual traits and more by combinations.

A future season could put rarity in the hands of FU owners

We set up the FUCK YOUs so that their traits are editable. We think of it as “mutation.” Unlike other collections that use forging or breeding to combine two or more collection items into a new item, the FUCK YOUs could be mutated directly (and on-chain!).

For example you could change the color of FUCK YOU #400 from red to green. You wouldn’t be adding a red FUCK YOU to the collection. FUCK YOU #400 would now be green with the “green” body color in its metadata. Of course, we’d also mark FUCK YOU #400 as mutated so that everyone can distinguish between random FUCK YOUs generated at mint and edited FUCK YOUs. As FUCK YOU owners mutate their FUs the original, generated FUCK YOUs could become more rare as well.

The result would be that what traits and combinations are rare becomes a feature of the community of FUCK YOU owners and how they decide to mutate their FUCK YOUs.

If everybody decides to make blue alien FUCKs, then blue alien FUCKs won’t be rare.

Trait charts ← what you came for ;)

We will post more about traits when FUs are fully minted

When all 10,000 FUs exist, we’ll know which variations and combinations came out! We’ll post more then.

Meanwhile you can keep up with our progress, ask questions, or tell us to get fucked in three ways:

  1. Here on Medium in the comments below
  2. On Twitter @fuckyousNFT
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