The Ambition of David France: Music for Social Change

Today, we launched the Kickstarter campaign for our new reality show, Ambitious Adventures. We’re excited to showcase different entrepreneurs around the country who are doing positive things and making big moves. We want to inspire those who have a burning desire to do something great by sharing the successes and struggles of these entrepreneurs at the different stages of their business.

To kick off the first day of our campaign, we’d like to feature one of our biggest supporters and evangelists. David France is a visionary leader, an active musician, and a creator of communities. While growing up in Bermuda, he learned the power music has to change lives. He taught for six years at the Bermuda School of Music and for partner outreach programs at low income schools, overall encouraging over 300 kids to take up violin. In 2011, he was even invited by the government of Costa Rica to teach master classes for SiNEM, their newly founded “music for social change” initiative.

That same year, David moved to Boston and enrolled at the New England Conservatory of Music’s prestigious Sistema Fellows Program. As part of the fellowship, he traveled to Venezuela to work with youth orchestras, teach master classes, give violin lessons, conduct daylong seminars, and perform with ensembles across the country.

Eager to continue spreading the El Sistema model of “music for social change”, David set his sights on the underserved Boston neighborhood of Roxbury. He went from school to school, convincing them to support him in starting a youth orchestra for the city. Eventually, he got a venue, students, and even volunteers. With donated instruments and no compensation, David France started the world class youth orchestra he calls the “Revolution of Hope”.

Revolution of Hope quickly grew in fame and impact. As his students perform at more and more prestigious venues, his class sizes continue growing. Every audience his orchestra plays for is amazed by the beautiful music that is played by these students who have come from poor neighborhoods. David now ranks #1 on Twitter for the hashtag #youthorchestra and he continues to change the lives of his students through music.

David is constantly being invited around the country to share his story with others, but more importantly he enjoys encouraging others to craft their own stories. He is always full of innovative ideas, and he knows what his friends are passionate about. He loves connecting people with similar interests to start interesting projects together. After a few minutes of conversation with him, you’ll have a napkin scribbled full of ideas for new projects and people you should meet. But he will always remind you to keep helping others as your main focus. Indeed, David’s other famous hashtag, #GiveYourLifeAway, is a motto that inspires people to live a life of service to others. He has seen firsthand the kind of impact that comes from adopting this motto and so he will continue to share it with anyone and everyone he meets.

Ambitious Adventures is about hope. All it takes is one episode, one inspirational story, one moment to change someone’s life. The way we tell stories can do that. The way we market and promote our shows can do that. The entrepreneurs we are featuring can do that. And you can help us to do that by pledging to our Kickstarter campaign.

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