The Ambition of Los Silva: Growth Hacking Others’ Success

After a 15-year entrepreneurial journey, Los Silva found himself at the helm of multiple, million-dollar businesses that teach entrepreneurs different ways they can growth hack their way to startup success.

Throughout the first ten years of his career, Los gained valuable business development experience working with Fortune 500 clients such as Red Bull, Budweiser, and Walt Disney World. He’s also worked with large digital and e-commerce companies such as, Chefworks, and Sunfoods. In 2012, he authored the book “Local Marketing for Busy People,” and became an international speaker. Now, he’s considered one of the top business development and marketing automation trainers in the world.

One of the original Growth Hackers, Los was the co-founder of Growth Hacker TV and launched Startup Jungle with Ryan Deiss. Startup Jungle is a digital marketplace for startups complete with marketing, sales and finance support courses. Their courses have been used in colleges and universities across the nation such as Baylor, MIT, and Wake Forest.

Just earlier this year, Los also founded the Collective Commerce, which unites experts to create new media products and businesses. They also “formulate strategies and identify opportunities to enable established companies to create new and engaging user experiences, products and services that underpin new high growth businesses, revenue streams and audiences.”

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