Ambo 1.22 Released: Apple Pay, ENS, Unstoppable Domains, scam protection, and so much more!

Jan 7 · 3 min read

Ambo has released its latest update to the mobile app, which includes the addition of new features such as: Apple Pay support, updated token feed, domains for sending, scam protection integration, updated balance screen, and so much more! We are constantly working on making Ambo the easiest to use mobile app for trading hundreds of tokens, and we will continue to add features regularly to make it the best experience possible.

Ambo 1.2200 includes:

Apple Pay

  • Ambo users can link their credit or debit cards through Apple Pay or Google Pay and deposit directly to their accounts made simple through Wyre’s fiat onramp

Support for .ETH, .ZIL, and .CRYPTO Domains for Sending

Decentralized domain names is one step forward in the direction of removing addresses and makes sending assets much easier with readable names

  • Easily send ETH and your favorite tokens to friends using their personalized domain names
  • Unstoppable Domains is a domain registry on the Ethereum blockchain that allows users to create .CRYPTO addresses as well as .ZIL addresses for the Zilliqa blockchain
  • Ethereum Naming Service provides our users with the ability to send funds to .ETH domains

Scam Protection via CryptoScamDB

CryptoScamDB’s open-source dataset tracks over 6,000 malicious URLs and their associated addresses to make this entire ecosystem safer for you.

  • Once an address is entered into the send field, Ambo tells you all of the assets owned by that address
  • Ambo will warn you before sending tokens if that address is a known scammer from CSDB’s database

Balance and Token Screens

  • These screens are now much faster and smoother
  • View detailed graphs of your holdings to see how your portfolio has changed over time
  • Scroll through tokens and their price history
  • Alethio provides Ambo users with blockchain analytics and data to give the most accurate detailed price history on their portfolio balance and tradeable tokens

Updated Token Feed:

Your token feed will now show you:

  • Breaking News
  • Biggest Gainers
  • Biggest Losers
  • Trending Tokens
  • Most Popular Tokens

Download iOS now! Android version coming early 2020.

As always, enjoy the latest update and please reach out to with any questions or comments!

To learn more about Ambo, visit Stay connected and follow us on Twitter and Instagram!

Ambo Official

Ambo offers the easiest to use mobile application for trading hundreds of cryptocurrencies. More products coming soon. Acquired by @MyCrypto .


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Ambo’s overarching goal and vision has become, ‘making web3 accessible,’ and one of the many paths to that goal is to develop the ‘easiest to use wallet.’

Ambo Official

Ambo offers the easiest to use mobile application for trading hundreds of cryptocurrencies. More products coming soon. Acquired by @MyCrypto .

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