Applying Modern Go Concurrency Patterns to Data Pipelines

Resilient, fast, efficient and concise? Pick all four! How to apply old and new concurrency patterns to pipelines in Golang

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Table of Contents

A Simple Pipeline

Graceful Shutdown With Context

Adding Parallelism with Fan-Out and Fan-In

Before we move on to the next chapter, here’s a link to the full source code at this point in the blog post, so we’re all on the same page.

Error Handling

Removing Boilerplate With Generics

💡 Go 1.18 is now available and supports generics out of the box. You therefore no longer need the special -gcflags parameter when using Go 1.18

Maximum Efficiency With Semaphores

$ time go run -gcflags=-G=3 main.go
2021/09/09 13:51:17 sink: Bax
2021/09/09 13:51:17 sink: Bar
2021/09/09 13:51:17 error: oh no
2021/09/09 13:51:17 context canceled
Executed in 6.60 secs fish external
usr time 142.51 millis 0.12 millis 142.40 millis
sys time 282.23 millis 1.81 millis 280.42 millis




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