Can marketing automation shorten your sales cycle?

Mar 7, 2017 · 2 min read

Different products have different life cycles, goes without saying right? I know that in my world a business knows it needs finance, around 48 hours before they actually need the money in the bank… So how can you implement a marketing automation strategy to ensure that your sales team only reach out at the right time, and your marketing efforts reach the customer at the right time? Well this is where marketing automation comes in.

Test your sales funnel

How well do you know your sales funnel? I mean really know it. What %age of customers engage with you? How quickly does the average customer engage? Knowing the answers to these questions (and more) is a pretty good starting point to developing your first marketing automation process.

Talk to your sales team and understand your customer needs

What can your sales team tell you and the thoughts, feelings and sometimes ramblings of a customer at each stage of the journey? Once you understand customer needs, underlying causes and potential solutions you can start to curate a marketing journey tailored just for them.

What did you learn?

Use your findings to educate the team around you. Move the sales team away from ‘gut feeling’ and show them the data, it’s ok to stop calling a lead if they’ve flat out ignored you for a year! The moment has gone. Use what you’ve learnt to make key stakeholders aware of the current sales cycle, and how marketing automation could move the dial.

When to pass that lead on to the sales team

Build a lead scoring system that works for your leads, and use this to ensure that your sales team are only working on the ‘hottest’ leads. Those that are likely to convert, the rest you can keep warm with marketing automation.


Marketing automation can shorten your sales cycle, by making the process for the sales team more efficient and streamlined. It’s your chance to show your customers who you are as a brand, stay top of mind and to keep them away from your competitors. It will help you understand which customers to spend time on, and which customers are likely to come back time and time again.

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