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May 11, 2019 · 1 min read

We as a firm get invited to speak at many different events and conferences. Since we’re committed to educating the greater community on our perspectives, insights, and strategies for building and maintaining success companies and protocols in our burgeoning industry.

Here are a few of the recordings we’ve managed to get our hands-on, and we hope you find value from them. We’re grateful to all those who help us by allowing us to spread our message to so many bright minds.

Panel discussion on Marketing to Crypto Developers at StarfishHQ in San Francisco:

Amentum lecture about Crypto and Crypto Funds at Howard University:

McKie’s discussion on diversity and decentralization at ETHDenver can be found here (Starts at 2:35:00):

McKie’s presentation at ETHDenver (2018) Hackathon on Power for Amentum, (Starts at 43mins):

What Should Developers Build? (Steven McKie on Dapp University Podcast):

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