Tokenizing Public Infrastructure Pt 1: Incentives and Commoditization

Bringing America to the 21st Century with Crypto

Steven McKie
Oct 27, 2017 · 8 min read
Publicly accessible goods are ripe for innovation from the crypto-sector, we just need to be creative.

What If There’s A Better Way?

If we seek to co-opt with local state/city government officials, we can augment how this process is handled entirely. Crypto allows us to create market incentives utilizing the best aspects of cryptography and game theory (learn more on this here); by creating unique tokenized systems that are self-correcting thanks to externalized market supply and demand forces.

What I propose is a way to incentivize the investments in public infrastructure for both the private and public sector, by creating market incentives for the creation, bidding, and overall completion of major infrastructure related projects like high-speed rails, Hyperloops, toll-roads, underground tunnels, and other future innovative forms of public transportation.

Challenging But Worth Exploring

When I began to think about what aspects of this new major overhaul to infrastructure funding would look at, it was easiest to first research/learn about the roadblocks that exist in the present; while re-imaging those same systems built on a publicly accessible, transparent, global ledger.

What We Have To Get Right

To maintain scope, and not inundate you with fine details, lets just focus on the core components that are more important when looking to architect the most sound and feasible system to facilitate this idea. Keeping scope small and manageable is important; while also taking into account the unique complexities public infrastructure introduces, combined with the already complex nature of crypto.

Concluding Thoughts

When approaching a potential project of this scale, its important to remember that humans interacting with a system will never be flawless. That’s just the reality of humanity, we’re only as strong as our weakest link (which is typically the human aspect).

Crypto will be key to bringing public infrastructure to the 21st century.

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Updates and essays from the Amentum Capital Fund GP team.