The Year of the DAO Comeback

Understanding What’s Leading the Charge

Steven McKie
Mar 24 · 18 min read
Yeah, it’s about that time again.

Governance Has Many Inputs

Fig.1: A graphic from the “Crypto Governance Manifesto” has a new node on its outermost layer, notated in red. We’d suggest reading that first before continuing on.
Fig. 2: You should remember this from the Crypto Governance Manifesto as well, a simplified breakdown of the funnel of agents that affect governance in a communities’ funnel.

What’s a DAO?

Why Are DAOs Important?

Fig. 3: When making decisions, it’s important to focus on prioritization of needs, plan and organize the provisioning of resources, and eventually structure and form your plans into actions while moving fluidly via programmatic governance. Social organizations form, storm and norm themselves into fluidity in the real world, creating friction.

Equilibrium in Emergence

Fig. 4: When fighting between the rampant selfish interest that arises from systemic coordinated chaos, to the opposite end which is avoiding the burden of overly complex coordination structures, you have to find a balance to avoid a transition into a state of destruction or oppression.

Who’s Leading the Pack?

Moloch DAO:

MKR Token Governance

Image courtesy of
Performance of CDPs and their relative sizes and distributions between February 2018 and February 2019. This figure is courtesy of Alex Evans at Placeholder VC in his Maker Network Report.


The stack that currently makes up the Aragon SDK that developers can use to build and deploy decentralized applications that are more robust and extendable outside the actual mainnet Aragon platform for creating communities. Image is courtesy of the Aragon blog.


This is a breakdown of the Mattereum Smart Asset Registry which will enable individuals to control assets on-chain coupled with legal real-world contracts. More information is available here and in their whitepaper.

Unlimited Extendability, Lateral Complexity

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Updates and essays from the Amentum Capital Fund GP team.