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Dear Community,

Greetings from AME Chain!!!

Appreciations for your support in securing the AMEPAY network by staking AMEPAY ERC-20 tokens in the wallet.

Since we have entirely moved from AMEPAY ERC-20 tokens to AME Chain $AME native coins so we are going to disable the AMEPAY app on 31st August 2022.

We have distributed all the Staked AME (ERC -20) tokens with rewards to the investor who has staked in the AMEPAY wallet. So the investor needs to send their AMEPAY (ERC -20) tokens to AME Chain wallet manually and need to do the burn and mint process before 31st August 2022.

Burn & Mint Video Guide:

The most awaited Staking from AME Chain Ecosystem is going to be launched in AME Wallet within this month. The Staking & Unstaking terms will be flexible.

Let’s stay connected and aim higher.



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AME Chain

A fast and secure decentralized digital asset ledger that is EVM compatible with high performance and scalability.