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AMEPAY Evolution

Our project is moving forward, and our roadmap reflects that change! The roadmap on our website will be updated in real-time to show our progress. But let’s take this opportunity to talk about the main milestones of our project’s development, and the goals we want to achieve!

Where do we begin? Well, we already have:

Step 1: Our project already has a good foundation: a complete White Paper and website, with AME Tokens minted on Ethereum Blockchain.

Step 2: Platform test, launch development of Cloud Interface for AMEPOS, launch Web & Mobile Applications for AMEPAY.

Step 3: We already boast reliable partners and successful project expansion. AMPLIFY keeps developing. We focus on making our project’s reliability and security bulletproof. Security audits of AME Token done by Certik Security Audits.

And what’s next?

  • AMEPAY’S own Blockchain Testnet launched
  • AMEPOS Global Subscription scheduled
  • NFT Marketplace scheduled to be launched at
  • Acquisition of 10,000 Merchants on to AMEPOS Subscriptions envisioned
  • R&D for Integrating AMEPAY Blockchain with Quantum Cryptography
  • AMEPAY Payment Plugins to be launched
  • Security Audits of AMEPAY’S Own Blockchain Scheduled
  • AMEPAY to Launch its own Cloud provider service (AMEcloud)
  • AMEPAY’s own Decentralized Exchange launch Scheduled
  • AMEPAY Payment Gateway system to be launched Globally

AMEPAY will begin to plan and build multiple related agreements from enterprise on-chain and on-chain supplier financial transactions. It will also introduce an entirely new platform with a huge set of features that will truly connect the blockchain and the traditional markets.

Those were our plans for moving the project forward! Keep watching our news to stay abreast of all the latest developments!

Stay in touch with us. Visit:



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