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Burn & Mint

Dear Community,

We have seen few investors facing issues with burn & mint features using AME Wallet and also hesitancy in staking rewards and calculations.

Burn & Mint:

· We are moving from centralized wallet to decentralized wallet so the burn and mint process should be done by the user manually.

· Burn and Mint Video Guide:


· All staked AME will be distributed to AMEPAY wallet (AME ERC-20) after the maturity period. The team will distribute the AME (ERC-20) tokens manually within 24 hours.

· Users need to manually transfer AME ERC-20 tokens & ETH to the newly launched AME Wallet (Dapp) and initiate the Burn & Mint process to get the native AME in AME Chain network.

· Users should not transfer AME ERC-20 token to the exchange wallets. If it’s sent by mistake then it can’t be recovered.

Any issues or queries related to Staking and AME Burn & Mint, write an email to with wallet address.



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