Arabesque @ 1. Crater Lake 2. Rocky Mountains 3. Delani 4. Yosemite 5. Big Sur 6. Shenandoah

What Are Those Funny-Looking Poses?

Or How A Lesson From Dancing Lives On

Once upon a time, a former ballerina and Lindy hopper took a hiatus from dancing due to some injuries and other unavoidable commitments. Her life lost a special beat and tune. Until one day, she ran into an evil villain in the world of Silicon Valley, running, Toastmasters, hiking and dating. He threatened her enthusiasm and persistance. Despite her efforts to remain positive, she was running out of ideas how to fight this villain. One day, on a hike to Big Sur, a flashback came to her. She remembered this was not the first time she had come accross this evil villain.

When she was a dancer, he was present in practice everyday especially when she spent many hours going over the same routine, sometimes in the company of others or alone. Though at times he tempted her to hate the intimidating, messy, tedious and repetitive process, she learned to love it and thus ignored the evil villain’s presence.

She silenced Judgement inside her head by honoring once again: start and continue anytime and anywhere — even at the top of a summit. To keep this commitment she got creative by using this arabesque as a reminder, a labor of love from her dancing days. By far, nature is the best dance floor.

The end…well unless she stops practicing start and continue, there’s a 99.9% chance Judgement will come back again!

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