My Post-COVID Plan for Life 2.0

The COVID crisis shook my worldview, my confidence in the mightiest country, my resources, my entire life going forward. Is yours changed too? 🕊️

Kabir Mohammed
Apr 25 · 6 min read

If something bad happens in Rocklin, California — like a fire, earthquake, or even a civil unrest, we’ll quickly move to a safe place on the planet and then deal with it. At least, that’s what my wife, and I talked about laughingly while watching many episodes of a popular TV series — Doomsday Preppers — on Netflix. We laughed at all these crazy people — ranging from blue-color workers to medical doctors — spending their hard earned resources on imaginary doomsday events that would never come true! We were so wrong!

When COVID hit home, we were unprepared like most Americans. Our family preparation for this crisis was nearly zero! Recently, I’ve been pondering about what changes to make in life going forward. These changes seem drastic enough that I consider the post-COVID life as a second chance — a life of version 2.0.

Post COVID-19, life for me won’t be the same. A new normal is at play. We must adapt or die.

Even though Charles Darwin never said the following quote despite what many on the Internet think, it still sounds very relevant:

It is not the strongest of the species that survives, not the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.

— Anonymous (not Charles Darwin)

🌿 Develop biological security & preparation

One of my favorite financial advisors on the radio — Dave Ramsey — always says that everyone should prepare for their rainy days in terms of a potential financial crisis. He recommends having a few months — 3 months — of essential expenses saved before working towards paying off any debt, such as student loans or other horrible loans such as credit cards. I would add that we need to consider beyond the financial security now in the post COVID world.

We need to have a 1–3-month sustainable living plan that incorporates having:

  • A seasonal fruit and vegetable garden to reduce trips to grocery stores
  • A healthy supply of canned and staple food such as rice and beans
  • Essential medications for common illnesses such as vitamin supplements and perhaps even some monitoring and equipment like a personal ventilator. Don’t laugh. Small portable ventilators are already available in some countries under a few hundred dollars. They are out of stock at the moment, but many more companies will enter this space soon to offer such products.
  • Personal protective equipment (PPE) — masks, gloves, face shield, reusable/disposable protective gowns, etc. just like we keep first-aid kits in the house or car or the office, we need PPE kits at the ready. I can see startups offering these kits in the coming months.

I would envision that building such a family safety resource over a few months to a year would be best so as not to put any extra strain on the current market conditions.

💰Diversify income and investments

Generating incoming from non-essential services becomes difficult during a crisis. Therefore, I want to invest in earning at least a good part of my future earnings source from essential services. I haven’t yet figured out how this can be done to its fullest details. But, I have some general ideas that I am pondering these days.

For my background — technology — this would translate into investing in e-commerce, healthcare, remote work and learning platforms, and information security technologies.

Being the Global E-commerce Architect of my company’s multi-national e-commerce platform, I am already moving forward with partnerships to build a portfolio of e-commerce solutions in food, health, and delivery services in the next 12–24 months.

If I can get a 20% increase in revenue for my portfolio of companies in the next 12–24 months in these essential services areas of technology, it would increase our financial survivability score in future crises.

🙏 Serve local communities

Even amid the worst crisis, there is a lesson to be learned. For me, that lesson was learning to serve my community. I have successfully deployed a new tool for my community to get informed about COVID-19 with data that I trust for my consumption.

I build this tool for myself and shared it with my neighbors, and it was well received. It was so liked by my community that people started sharing it with others and eventually this local effort got nation wide traffic and attention.

I had previously put together tools for my local Rocklin community when there were far smaller crises such as the Public Safety Power Shutoff (PSPS).

However, during the COVID-19 crisis, I learned how even the most basic public data is not readily available for developing tools. So I will create a platform to share public data structures to allow other folks in tech to make new tools faster and without the same hoops that I had to go through to consume some public data. This public data portal is in the works already, and I am hoping to release a version of this year. Our goals are:

  • Create a JSON data structure for every country’s state/county/district/city/town levels — we will start with America first.
  • Create a smartphone app that can be a FEED reader for the future public data/tool sites so that people can consume the feeds and customize their interest. For example, using our PUBLIC FEED APP, you can choose a data provider — such as our COVID-19 data site — and customize it for only the city/town/state/country that you are interested in knowing more information. The alerts will come as notifications, and you can control it yourself.

🌐 Build a sizeable virtual community

MEDIUM.COM and VOICE.COM have been my primary community of smart people. I learn so much on these platforms; they are my daily go-to platforms. I want to grow my virtual community to 10K in the next 12 months. This will be a lot of work as I am in the baby steps of building only 1K followers in MEDIUM.COM.

I do see YouTube as the best opportunity right now as the content is the easiest to consume for the general public. Recently, I whimsically created my very first video about paper-plane like face masks purely out of frustration and boredom.

I am shamelessly impressed even to get 100 views. This was almost an April fool’s joke. But, now, somehow, I feel I should try making some useful videos.

For example, this weekend I might release a video about how to protect your cell phone and key fobs while going out about during viral infection season with a household low-tech solution.

I might put some efforts into exploring YouTube this year and see how it grows. I would encourage all my medium friends to try it out. It is an excellent platform for creators.

What is your plan for POST-COVID life?

I would love to hear what some of my medium friends, such as Jody McAlister, Ann K Frailey, Jill Ebstein, Dr Mehmet Yildiz, Mike Alexander, Bill Myers, Sandy Giles-Brigando, Enrique Dans, Dr. David Martin, Annelise Lords, Casimiro Designer, Vivian Fang, and Karen Madej 💛 are planning for their post COVID lives.

Be safe! 🙏

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