Top-10 Things I Learned Through COVID-19 Crisis

We’re not out of the woods yet, but I wanted to make a list of lessons learned during this unprecedented worldwide crisis.

Kabir (ko-bir)
Apr 27, 2020 · 10 min read
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are still in the fight to make the curve flat in many places in the US. Good news for my county, Placer county of California, is that we are doing an excellent job of keeping COVID-19 under control.

10. Doomsday preppers got a point or two!

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At least they planned for a worldwide catastrophe, I planned for none. From now on, I’ll allow such a thought as rational thought and not make fun of them. I plan to do some biological security planning for my family and extend the knowledge, resources as much as possible to my local community. I recently wrote about my plans in the article below.

9. Don’t save for the rainy days — save for the rainy season!

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We all know — I sincerely hope — to save for rainy days. But, we need to extend that concept to a longer-term — months to a year or more depending on everyone’s abilities. I have this straight-forward question that I asked myself:

How many months or years can I continue as business as usual without active or passive income from direct business or investment in the markets?

The answer varies from person to person. For most Americans, the answer is very alarming. Most people cannot continue beyond 30–60 days and at the most 90 days. This is when their financial infrastructure disappears, and this is a major wake up call for all of us. People all around the world have experienced the need to save more for an extended period, such as the lockout periods that are happening across the globe.

I know what you are thinking; it is easy to say we should save, but it is hard to save without a plan! First, to recognize that saving for the future is not all about saving the monies. Money is a single resource. It might not go far in a crisis if the businesses are closed, and you have no way to buy yourself out of the crisis. I am thinking of saving more holistically. In my mind, saving for the rainy season goes beyond the dollars saved. It is a bigger goal with sustainable replenishment built into the plan. I have yet to come up with a transparent implementable process for this, but if I do, I will share it in a future article.

8. Invest in a sensible biological, personal and community defense

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The most significant danger to our lives is no longer a nuclear or terrorist threat. It is the infamous CORONAVIRUS family of viruses — these microscopical enemies attack us without a single missile. We must use all precautions to survive a future COVID-2X attack. This means investing in a personal and community response.

For the very first time, we learned the meaning of it takes a village to save our precious selves. We no longer can ignore the homeless, the low-income families, the venerable elderly population and stay in our shiny mansions as we all rely on each other. In this war against biological enemies, we are all united as humanity. We have to think about global defense but build from local — from our family to community to beyond.

7. In a real zombie apocalypse, healthy people infect the vulnerable!

Image by cyanidekiss from Pixabay

All the popular zombie apocalypse movies, TV shows have trained our minds into thinking the zombies are the undead who are dead, rotting humans that will get us! The reality has always made Hollywood look dumb.

In the new fact, we learned that healthy asymptomatic humans can now infect other humans! This means you don’t know who can infect you anymore! You can’t visibly identify the sick folks and send them home from work to avoid infections. It is this happy and beautiful kids in our lives that can infect grandma and grandpa without knowing it!

So our view of the bad guy needs to change. The bad guy is not even the bad guy because they don’t even know that they are carriers of a deadly disease!

In reality, the true zombie is the one that does not understand that the traditional flu/influenza is spread through sick people whom we can and have quarantined from work and public places using simple civic scolding to shaming to relying on their own common sense!

6. Without income, people’s behavior will be subpar

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I was born in Bangladesh in the early 70s. I’ve seen first-hand what hunger and poverty can do to human souls. When you’re hungry, you have no ethics; morals left to drive your humanity. You can do anything for food. This is a reality that we don’t want to hear or talk about if we can help avoid it. But it exists, even today!

Here in America, there is a significant number of the population is near or below the poverty line. But a higher number of people are living in paycheck-to-paycheck conditions. When they are out of work, they are rightfully angry with the decision-makers who are often not financially affected by any of their decisions. So people get mad; they protest; they defy logic and science. They do that because science does not pay their bills or put food on their tables. So I totally understand this, and we have seen plenty of this in this crisis.

This is a danger to all of us. We must think about how to overcome this inequality of wealth such that there is a baseline that protects all humans. If we ever needed to open the discussion about basic universal income, it is now! There has to be some level of protection for food and shelter for all humans within a nation. Without such protection, chaos will prevail. Nobody will be safe! This is just my observation from what has been happening in recent weeks in many states of the United States of America.

Do I have an answer for this? Short answer, no. But like I mentioned, universal income protection in the time of crisis might be a good idea. Another idea I like is a mandatory savings plan as they have in Singapore for healthcare. What if they require all of us to save 15% of our income automatically, and during the time of crisis, we can take out from our savings with no government-induced penalties? I don’t know the financial details of such ideas, but we must discuss and brainstorm solutions before the next crisis hits us hard again!

5. Unvisionary leaders rule most of the world

So sad. The top leaders of America, the United Kingdom, China, Russia, India, don’t inspire humanity. They inspire confusion. None of the leaders from these countries came out as humanitarian — human first — in the eyes of the world. They were unprepared, ill-advised, and left their citizens and the world in massive chaos. I won’t elaborate on this as it is my understanding and statement. Yours may vary. But, as a human being, looking up to the leaders to calm the masses and steer the ship in the right direction, these leaders have done the opposite at more times than I can count. I am disgusted by the politics of the world and have to tune it down to mute and focus on family and community efforts with my limitations.

4. Technology is a real enabler

Being a technologist, this excites me. We saw the power of technology in this crisis in a big way. Starting with remote schooling for my elementary-school going boys to remote working for my company to Amazon’s mega-size e-commerce footprint — all were highlighted in this unprecedented crisis.

Technology has become essential to our survival. We will see more technology that will help us survive future disasters.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

3. The real strength is in our community

This is the big lesson on my part. The strength and bond of a community can significantly impact one’s survivability in a major crisis like this one. This is where the Doomsday preppers are wrong. They hoard and build to protect their small family units or a clique. What they don’t realize, there is no joy in living in the forest — scared and worried about every moment. A better plan is to help strengthen the community we live in and build more security with the help of our neighbors. Like-minded neighbors with similar values for fellow human beings can be a stronghold — a place of safety and peace.

Image by Anemone123 from Pixabay

2. Build a better community — lead by examples

Now, communities can be divided and may have significantly diverse opinions and mindsets. The way to win the hearts and minds of the community, as I observed in my own, is through companionship, genuine care for fellow human beings, and standing up for the equality of all humans. Very easy to say but hard to do.

The best approach is not to raise questions and demand answers. The best method to deliver — building efforts to enrich the community, and it shall find its way to incorporate you. This has been my motto for the last ten years in a new community I moved in. I have been trying to build my “membership” in the community through tiny efforts. It is working, and I have a long way to go before I would feel “entitlement” I might never do and hope never do!

I genuinely have a simple goal in life. Leave this planet with replacements that will serve it better than I did. This is done by teaching the children to work smarter, care of fellow human beings and care for the planet and beyond. I may be a lemming in the game but my replacements will be smarter and will have significant social experiences and memories in the advantage to serve their future communities and be part of something great.

Photo by Nina Strehl on Unsplash

1. Be ready for COVID-2X!

Finally, the number one thing I learned with great horror that COVID-19 is the first of a new common enemy for humans. We are likely to face may more CORONOVIRUS crisis in the coming decades.

The super-connected world we live in has made it possible to go from one end of the world to the other in a matter of hours. This has also made it possible for diseases like COVID-19 jump continents never like before! The spread of future CORONAVIRUS or similar diseases is inevitable. We have to prepare our healthcare systems, our communities, and our families for this new common enemy of humanity!

I know there are people in America who are protesting to get back to “normal”; some protest that this crisis was a big lie; there are many people who believe in great conspiracy theories as well; they are not likely reading my article. I will do what I will do based on all the data, facts, and intuitions that are presented before my conscious. They are doing what they’ve got in front of them. There is no judgment on my part. We all have views of the world and others around us.

I hailed from the “bottomless basket” of the world and curved a place in the mightiest country in the world while driving in the high-end technology employer’s seat for most of my adult life.

I will let you be the judge of my reasonings and how they have led me so far. What I say is how I feel in my heart and soul based on zero biases from any third-parties. I am convinced we are heading for a paradigm shift in the world with a common enemy that we can all — the entire world — stand behind and fight for. Maybe, just maybe, this is what the world needed to unite as a human race. Surely, this idea that we need a COVID-19 crisis to unite humanity will not be any comfort to all the souls that were taken by this disease. But humanity’s big picture was lost a long time ago. This is the moment we can recreate the big picture — and put real meaning to the saying that is going around faster than Elon Musk’s Roadstar:

We are all in it together!

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