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American Promise

Close up of the number 100 on a 100 dollar bill
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America’s Big Problem—Big Money in Politics

Unlimited political spending continues to damage our democracy and give greater political control to a handful of wealthy donors than to the American people at large. This video, narrated by legendary journalist Bill Kurtis, breaks down why big money in politics is America’s big problem. He also shares how Americans across the country are already taking action to end pay-to-play politics and strengthen our democracy.

Below are some highlights from the video with timestamps for easy access:

0:06—A comparison of the amount of money spent in 2020 elections compared to 2016 elections.

0:34—How Americans are taking action to stop big money’s outsized influence with a constitutional amendment.

0:53—A highlight of the progress being made toward ratifying the amendment.

1:27—How you can make history!

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