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Committing to a Government of We the People on Independence Day

By Gregory Joseph, American Promise Communications Director

As we mark the birth of our nation this Independence Day weekend, we are reminded of the core principles of America: equality, freedom, and a government of we the people — and our continual pursuit to realize the promise of those principles.

Created as a living document, the U.S. Constitution incorporates a realization that it would and will change and evolve over time — its 27 amendments are evidence of that, and of Americans’ commitment to freedom and equality for all of us. This commitment came to life more recently with the establishment of Juneteenth as a federal holiday — officially commemorating the emancipation of enslaved people, recognizing a day that represents the beginnings of freedom for the African Americans whose basic human rights were not originally recognized in our nation’s charter documents, and serving as a time to learn of and from our nation’s past.

With that reminder of the meaning of and human need for freedom and independence, we move forward with our work to ensure all Americans have equal representation and a voice in our political system.

This Fourth of July holiday provides an opportunity to renew our commitment to our nation’s future and the constitutional reform that a large majority of Americans support — in the revolutionary spirit of challenging unjust power and inequality. The 28th Amendment is a lasting and fundamental way to end the dominance of big money in our political system and ensure our elected officials represent the wishes of we the people, rather than the wealthy elite, when they shape policies that affect all of us.

While out-of-control campaign spending reflects cracks in our political system, a majority of Americans — you, me, and millions of others — still believe in the promise of our nation. By connecting with others through American Promise, we commit to shape a stronger future for all of us.

Now as we celebrate our nation’s 245th birthday, it’s time to act on our goal to realize ratification of the 28th Amendment by Independence Day 2026.

Connect. Commit. Act. For all of us.

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