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Cory Booker
American DREAMers
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3 min readDec 22, 2017

**This DREAMer wanted to share her story, but requested anonymity for fear of going public**

Tell me about your family. When did you come to America?

I was born in India and moved to the US when I was 9.

Tell me more about your childhood and growing up in America?

I grew up in Jersey City and I’ve been here all my life. I studied at a public grammar school and then High School in Jersey City. All I really know about life is life in NJ

How has DACA helped you?

When I was approved for DACA and allowed to live in the US without the fear of deportation I truly started living my life in America. Because of DACA I was able to work 40+ hours a week, attend Community College and complete my Associate’s degree in Accounting. With DACA, I transferred to one of the best undergrad business city colleges in New York and got a BA in Accounting. With DACA, I did 4 internships and maintained a weekend job through the course of 3 years at Baruch College. With DACA I met amazing students within my college community and become a student leader on campus. With DACA, I was offered a full-time job one year before I graduated, at one of the best accounting firms in the world.

With DACA, I was able to take care of my parents, who have been struggling since day one of their move to America, but have never ever given up on their dream to have a better life.

With DACA, I shared my story with others, fearlessly. In doing so, I met many more Dreamers whose lives were deeply and tremendously impacted because of Obama’s Executive Order.

From day one of my DACA experience, I told myself I had to remember that although this is a relief, it is temporary, that I would have to live my life in two year intervals, achieve as much as possible within those two years, and prepare for whatever might happen next.

Where did you go to school, and/or where do you work?

I studied at Baruch College in NY and currently work for a public accounting firm

What are your biggest hopes and fears right now?

Never in a million years would I have thought that a possible end to this life-changing opportunity would come so quickly, in just 5 years. But these 5 years have been like no other. They have been my American Dream come true, even though I haven’t achieved even a glimpse of what I plan to do. They have been the most amazing 5 years of my life because I felt like an American. I felt like I truly belonged. I felt welcomed and I felt like I was able to dream for the first time in my life.

What are your dreams for the future?

I want to focus on passing my CPA and moving on to helping my family in the future

I want to buy a house, buy a car but most importantly I want to give back to the this community as much as I can

What is your message to other Americans, members of Congress, and the President?

We are 11 million strong and I would hope that Congress passes the Dream Act and also passes some form of permanent protection for the 11 million other undocumented people in the United States today.