Cyber-Nazis React to Daily Stormer Shut Down

The Daily Stormer is no longer on the clear net, days after a Newsweek article highlighted the site’s home in Hong Kong.

The man of the hour: Michael Edison Hayden reveals his article was responsible for the .HK shutdown. Users on The Goyim Know and Gab also blame him for The Daily Stormer’s loss of its Samoa-based domain earlier this year.

And cyber-Nazis were quick to respond to the news.

Anglin said on Gab that it was kiked. Return to pedo web via TOR,” Mann informed fellow members on The Goyim Know forum.

Meanwhile, Shekels_Lipschitz posted personal details and photos of Michael Edison Hayden, the author of the Newsweek article, and his family.

On Gab, user Squatting Eagle wrote, “Every time The Daily Stormer loses a domain, we get closer to making the Holocaust a reality.”

Back on The Goyim Know, user Jynx wondered if Andrew Anglin and company could try hosting their domain in Iran because “they hate the Jews.”

Finally, Andrew Anglin announced the death of on Gab with a promise to exact revenge:

“Hong Kong was kiked… We’ll be back on clearnet ASAP. People are going to be made to pay for this. I promise.”