‘F*cking awesome’: Cyber-Supremacists React to California Shootings

A Highway Patrol officer speaks to a woman while blocking off a road to traffic after a shooting on Nov. 14, 2017, in Rancho Tehama, California. (Source)

Members of several white supremacist message boards reacted to America’s most recent mass shooting in Tehama County, California.

On November 14, Kevin Neal unleashed a barrage of senseless fury that left five dead and ten injured, making it the 391st mass shooting in 2017.

“This guy was bent on … driving by residences and arbitrarily shooting at them,” said County Assistant Sheriff Phil Johnston.

But the massacre “could have been so much worse” as the tactical vest-wearing gunman attempted to enter an elementary school, Johnston added.

Neal was ultimately shot dead by police officers.

Despite the bloodshed, white supremacists responded in varying degrees behind their computer screens.

“Fucking awesome. Probably spics or niggers,” wrote kolarov on The Goyim Know forums.

“Rookie numbers!” wrote Number 6 on The Right Stuff site. He was referring to the number of the shooter’s victims.

User Ghett O Tarzan was concerned about liberals “whining about gun control,” another issue discussed by his fellow cyber-supremacists.

Rahaal on The Goyim Know wondered why shooters frequently target schools and churches instead of “political establishments or police headquarters…or some neighborhood of gangsters.”

Hateful references to Jews, Black people, and Latinos were rife throughout the conversations, many unsurprisingly blaming minorities for the ills of society.

Even Andrew Anglin of The Daily Stormer reacted to the massacre. He wrote the following in a November 15 blog post:

“Probably, [the shooter] is a white guy. These types of incidents usually are… the targeted and random mass shootings are generally white guys.
We have to ask: what is going on in our society?”