Fake Antifa Website Goes Live

A screenshot of AntifaArmy.com.

The trolls behind the notorious #FakeAntifa campaign have launched ANTIFA Army, a new website that lists “legitimate comrade” accounts.

According to a WHOIS lookup, AntifaArmy.com was registered on November 19 with GoDaddy.

A day later, the website was announced by @IE_ANTIFA, one of the leading accounts in the anti-Antifa smear campaign.

The website contains a list of over two dozen “verified comrades,” all of whom have been recorded in our expanding list of #FakeAntifa accounts.

Interestingly, the webmaster blames @AntifaChecker, who verifies the legitimacy of Antifa accounts on social media, for the smear operation they themselves are executing.

ANTIFA Army is the latest attempt to confuse the public about the anti-fascist movement, but it is far from the most ingenious. The trolls have essentially exposed themselves to Twitter moderators and those who are closely monitoring this unusual campaign.