[Brief] Fascist Forge Makes a Bumpy Return

Fascist Forge, one of the most prominent neo-Nazi forums on the Internet, is back up after a series of reports (including my own) led to its temporary shutdown in February.

The forum can now be accessed at fascistforge (dot) com, a domain that was registered with Hostinger on March 9, according to WHOIS records.

Interestingly, the Counter Extremism Project (CEP) reported on March 26 that it successfully pressured Hostinger to suspend Fascist Forge last month. CEP Executive Director David Ibsen said this in a statement that same day:

“Hostinger acted with haste — and very rightly so — in suspending Fascist Forge, an online forum that promotes neo-Nazi violence and radicalizes recruits. Fascist Forge came back online soon after being dropped previously by DreamHost, which was alerted to the nature of the content by CEP.”

Nevertheless, Fascist Forge’s return was far from smooth. Before I recently tweeted about the website’s re-emergence, multiple Twitter users pointed out as early as April 1 that the forum was experiencing connectivity issues.

And a query on IsItDownRightNow.com on April 21 also indicates that Fascist Forge was last offline “more than a week ago.”