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Feuerkrieg Division Member Talks About New Group on Far-Right Podcast

Subcomandante X
Jan 8, 2019 · 8 min read

On January 6, Wolfram, a self-described member of Feuerkrieg Division (FKD) — a small neo-Nazi organization that appears to be in Europe — was interviewed by Gadsen, the host of a far-right podcast called The Green Pilled Perspective.

This is a partial transcript of that conversation. I only transcribed sections of the episode that were pertinent to understanding FKD, such as where they claim to be located, when it was formed, and details about infighting within the young organization.

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[Starts at 5:19]

Gadsen: With me today — I have a special guest. He is a member of the new and upcoming group the Feuerkrieg Division, which is an international national socialist group that emphasizes the need to break away from the whole “trying to achieve politics” that sadly so many people follow. And with me, Wolfram — do you want to introduce what I haven’t covered?

Wolfram: Yeah, absolutely. Hello, people. My name is Wolfram. Me, together with [difficult to understand name here]… we’re basically starting this organization called Feuerkrieg Division. It’s been around for a while but it’s had a lot of problems in the past due to several moments of infighting. You know, stuff like that. So we’re basically starting up again. We’re working on it. And, uh, we’re looking into it.

Gadsen: So what would you say is the overall ideology of Feuerkrieg Division and what do you hope to emphasize?

Wolfram: Did you ask us what our ideology is?

Gadsen: Yeah.

Wolfram: We just — obviously we believe in the teachings of Siege and we just try to apply it in our own lives as much as possible.

Gadsen: Yes, that’s what I was asking. What do you hope for Feuerkrieg Division to accomplish being a worldwide national socialist group?

Wolfram: As of now, this year, honestly, the most important thing is to get more members because this is a problem we’ve been having at the beginning. You know, just making sure that they actually do stuff outside, like outside of the online world. That’s pretty much my biggest fear as of now because a lot of these national socialists don’t go — they don’t have any outside activities. They don’t do anything that’s going to be useful if a collapse were to happen. So, pretty much the most important thing as of now, I think, is getting members that actually have skills that can benefit our organization, making sure that people learn new skills, which are going to be useful in the future.

Gadsen: What would you guys say are requirements if one wishes to join? What do they have to do before they can be a member of your organization?

Wolfram: Well, tracking chat logs. Or just making sure that people haven’t said retarded shit in the past is definitely important because there have been quite some times where these “based national socialists” and everything turned out to be race-mixers or whatnot or they talked about something degenerate in the chat. So this is something important. We don’t want members who LARP, who make our organization look like a shithole. Next to that, obviously, having a good and clear understanding of national socialism. So that means having read the following books: [difficult to understand at 08:19, Wolfram may have said A Squire’s Tale], Next Leap, Mein Kampf, and Siege. These are just the basics for any fascist out there.

Gadsen: Yeah, I think every fascist or national socialist should have an understanding of Mein Kampf and — now modern-day answer to the problem would probably be Siege. Mein Kampf was the answer in the 30s, although still important today. Yeah, Siege, Mein Kampf are probably the two most important.

Wolfram: Yes, absolutely.

Gadsen: So, basically, you’re saying that with these reading books you guys are looking for healthy adult heterosexual whites.

Wolfram: Yes, absolutely. We’re just looking for individuals who basically are white individuals, who picked up Siege and realized that it’s just the solution as of now. And that they’re basically trying to find purpose somewhere because it’s been depressing what’s happened to a lot of other people like — I remember a few weeks ago some members of Sonnenkrieg in the UK got locked up or they got in trouble. And this is just something, you know — if you’re a national socialist you can expect to get in trouble with the law some time in your life.

Gadsen: Yeah, and I think a lot of the things that — especially in Europe, especially in the fucking UK, which honestly — their law enforcement is literally a meme out of a dystopian fiction novel. Like it’s literally 1984…

[10:09–15:11, Gadsen and Wolfram whine about a variety of topics, non-pertinent].

Gadsen: Alright, so, back on your group. Do you guys accept women members?

Wolfram: This has actually been something controversial within the group itself. Mainly because the interactions I’ve personally have been having with these “national socialist” women — I’m not sure what her name is, it’s something like [difficult to understand at 15:31, Wolfram says something like “Storm” or “Sturm”]

Gadsen: You don’t have to mention names. You don’t have to mention names.

Wolfram: Yeah, I mean it was something like that. I don’t remember it exactly. But basically, a lot of these women don’t actually apply national socialism to their personal lives at all. And I’m pretty sure you’re aware with the term tradthot?

Gadsen: Tradthot? Yeah.

Wolfram: Yeah, tradthot. Yeah, so we really don’t want that in our organization. If it’s going to be women, fine, but make sure that they do their purpose, make sure that they don’t do all the tradthot stuff.

Gadsen: So you guys still allow women, but they’re going to be heavily watched essentially?

Wolfram: Yes, absolutely.

Gadsen: Why do you guys think Siege is so important to our cause and especially to your group?

Wolfram: Well, absolutely because it’s been other ways of trying to achieve national socialism or anything at all — have been tried in the past, and we found out that it simply doesn’t work. You’ve had all these intellectuals in the past and they’ve been trying to “red pill” the masses and it’s shown not to be useful. So right now the most important thing is finding a solution and for me that’s Siege. And a lot of these people like to say, “Oh well, just fighting against the system and all that is not useful.” Or, “at the end of the day, it’s not going to work.” What the point is is that you will never know if something fully works until you’ve tried it.

[17:14–18:29, Gadsen goes off on a tangent about what Siege “really is,” about his friends, non-pertinent]

Gadsen: And what made you guys want to go international as well? I know some groups like to just be in a certain country just because they think it’s better to do that and it’s better for different groups to be in different countries.

Wolfram: Well, first of all, the Netherlands is a relatively a small country. Just finding enough Siege pilled people, it’s hard.

Gadsen: Yeah, well, like Europe is kind of like an exception. Many of the countries are small. So they should probably band together, with the exception of Britain — Britain has a sizable population to kind of do things on their own, I think. And Canada might as well lump in with America…

[19:34–1:05:57, non-pertinent to understanding FKD, though there is information about other far-right groups in Europe]

At 42:37, Wolfram again implies that he is located in the Netherlands (“here in the Netherlands”).

[Continues at 1:05:57]

Gadsen: Let’s talk more about the group. When did the group start?

Wolfram: The group started in October. But it didn’t really start — it was somewhat different, I’d say. It was more of a server where we just tried to do a lot of online stuff. And we actually got into an article on GeoMovements. It’s deleted but we still have the archive. And that’s about it honestly.

It wasn’t anything serious. And this actually points back to the controversial stuff that’s been happening because stuff really wasn’t serious back then because it was mostly LARP. It just didn’t really work out.

We had one member who kind of got pissed and he started talking behind [difficult to understand at 01:06:45, Wolfram says something like “Noz’s”] back and he was basically trying to get rid of Feuerkrieg once and for all.

And that’s pretty much where I came in and was like, “Where are you going to do a serious — or going to shut it all down?” [this sentence was difficult to understand at 01:06:54]

From there we just started to try to improve more and more. Get a clear understanding of what our group should be like. We’re actually working on a book about our organization right now. So things are going well.

But because he [the “one member”] was so pissed off, he just decided to make that troll account on Gab and just kind of mock us.

[01:07:18 — the end, Gadsen and Wolfram talk about FKD’s online presence. Do they have a website? In short, no. FKD doesn’t have a website. They are mainly focused on recruiting more members, but building a website will be important later on, he admits.]

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