Iron March Copycat Forum Offers Valuable Insight into Fascist Tactics

A rising forum that promises to follow in the footsteps of Iron March offers helpful — but unsettling — insight into fascist thinking and propaganda tactics. Below, I examine Fascist Forge, its members, and the dangerous threat it poses to public security.

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Sep 24, 2018 · 10 min read
The Virgin Mary crushing the head of the serpent.

About Fascist Forge

In the words of its founder, Mathias, Fascist Forge (FF) was created in Spring 2018 to give fascists “an online platform to make connections, share resources, organize, and ultimately further the Fascist Worldview.”

Mathias, the administrator of Fascist Forge.
On the left: A WHOIS lookup for via Note the state listed in the Registrant Contact section. On the right: Additional information about Mathias courtesy of his Fascist Forge profile page.

Connecting to Fascist Forge

I first learned of Fascist Forge from a post in Gab’s notorious “Read SIEGE” group where potential terrorists share fascist literature, music, and memes, as well as Atomwaffen Division and Siege Culture propaganda.

Unfortunately, this post is no longer accessible. (It used to be located here.) I don’t know if it was deleted by Ordained Insurgency, group admins, or by Gab, considering that the link leads to an odd error page.
Disclaimer: Clicking on the images will direct you to the forum.

The Crucible

Fascist Forge is composed of two major subforums: “The Crucible,” which hosts their learning center and introduction posts, and “The Forge,” which is divided into four sections: Announcements (members only), Discussion, Theory, and Resource Center.


As of today, anyone can create an account on Fascist Forge. However, the first step of FF’s vetting process is introducing oneself to the community.

  • Twenty members (excluding Mathias and D. Aquillius) say they’re located somewhere in the United States. Non-US locales include Australia (3) and the Netherlands (2).
  • One member says they plan on joining the US Navy, while three say they have experience with firearms. One member wrote “military” as one of their skills, but they did not elaborate on this.
  • Fourteen members say they joined Iron March before it was shutdown.
  • Religions of members include Esoteric Hitlerism (7), Orthodox Christianity (4), Catholicism (2), Paganism (2), Branch Davidianism (1), and Salafi Islam (1).
  • Eight members are under the age of 18 and eleven members (excluding Mathias and D. Aquillius) are at least 18 years old. The youngest member is 14 and the oldest is 31.
  • There are at least 3 ‘clubs’ active on the forum: Warpath Division, Legionary Resistance, and Iron Core. I don’t know if these are IRL organizations, but the latter seems to be reserved only for Mathias and D. Aquillius.
The clubs of Fascist Forge. From left to right: Warpath Division, Legionary Resistance, and Iron Core.

Membership Exam

To “separate the genuine and devoted from the unfit and incompatible,” Mathias urges members to take a “membership exam” comprised of 25 essay questions. This is the second and last step of the forum’s vetting process.

Learning Center

Meanwhile, in the Learning Center, Mathias provides downloadable “foundational materials” by fascist writers like James Mason and Alexander Slavros — one of the founders of Iron March.

Literature pieces in this post are hosted on

The Forge

The Forge is the most alarming section of Fascist Forge. As I wrote above, I will highlight some of its most interesting threads.


In Discussion, members have talked about how they can promote the forum on Gab with fascist propaganda, although Mathias has said he prefers word of mouth promotion. However, he wrote on September 18:

This is the entire post. It’s always good to know how these people go about radicalizing and brainwashing others.


In Theory, Mathias has shared information about creating firearms in three threads titled “Building an 80% AR-15,” “Homemade Handguns,” and “300 Blackout.”

On the left: The “racial eclipse stunt” referred to by Reltih. On the right: Reltih’s first post in the thread.

Resource Center

The Resource Center of Fascist Forge. Note Mathias’s obsession with Atomwaffen Division propaganda.
Note the “terror” tag in the top-left corner of the first image. Italo’s intentions are clear.


This was originally going to be a (very long) Twitter thread, but after reading more of Fascist Forge’s posts, I decided to present what I found in a Medium article.

“Yet even now,” declares the Lord, “return to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping, and with mourning.”

(Joel 2:12)

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